Week of January 19th, 2009

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Hello from STRIKETV!

It’s a historic week in this country, and we at StrikeTV thought we’d honor the spirit of hope and change by premiering a wonderful short documentary film executive produced by Brad Pitt.


Created by writer/director Andy Lauer, THE TEHUACAN PROJECT follows the lives of Mexican children born deaf, and the one-of-a-kind school that was built to help them. It’s a wonderful cause and a very special film. If you’d like to learn more about The Tehuacan Project and send a donation to the children of Casa del Nino Sordo, just click HERE.

We’ll be presenting THE TEHUACAN PROJECT in both English and Spanish versions, with Adrian Brody and Esai Morales narrating, and music by Jackson Browne. Don’t miss the premiere this Friday, January 23rd.


Also premiering this week are two very different female-driven comedies. On Monday, January 19th HOLD PLEASE makes its debut. 41

This four episode pilot series from writer Hal Cantor and starring Royana Black follows the daily struggles of Mandy, a wannabe actress who’s trying desperately to keep her new day job without putting her dreams on hold.

DANGEROUS WOMEN, from writer David O’Malley, stars the leading ladies of the classic horror film EVIL DEAD. Maybe you recognize them? 51

They’re a little pissed off. And who can blame them? Suburban life is a bore. But it doesn’t have to be. Episode 1 premieres on Thursday, January 22nd.


Also, don’t miss the latest episodes from our recurring series.

Wednesday, January 21st brings the finale episode of GLOBAL WARMING. 127

Will Ace and Kristine find true love? Or does their destiny lie in a chat room?

And TONY HAND returns for episode 2 on Tuesday January 20th.  134

FRIENDS writer Seth Kurland created and shot this entire show in his house. This week we learn about Tony’s dark past. Give him a chance. He grows on you.


And for all of you ANYONE BUT ME fans out there who want another fix, Susan Miller, Tina Ward and the cast and crew are hard at work on two new, longer episodes to premiere in March. In the meantime, they’ll be sending us a few shorter “Interludes” to tide you over. ABM_Interludes-V2-#1copy

if you haven’t caught the show, make sure you check out all four epiosodes of ABM.

One last thing -- please get out and vote for your favorite StrikeTV shows at THE STREAMY'S. This is a new web video award ceremony put together by the good people at Tubefilter, Tilzy.tv and NewTeeVee. The awards are designed to honor the best in Web Video, and nominations are open until the 23rd of this month. For each category, 1 of the 5 nominees will be determined by popular vote. So go to THE STREAMY'S and show us some love. You can vote once in each category once a day.

Please spread the word about your favorite StrikeTV shows. We want to make more for you.

Thanks for watching!

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This Week on Strike.TV

Location: The STV Lair

Hello StrikeTV'ers!

It’s an exciting week for us, with a couple of “inspiring” premieres and a pair of much-awaited new episodes.
On the premiere side, TONY HAND makes its debut on Monday, January 12th.



Created by former FRIENDS writer Seth Kurland, this show follows Tony Hand - the latest self-help sensation to sweep America, even if he is just a hand. Newton Lowe, “famed” documentarian, brings you his inspiring story, along with some dark secrets Tony would probably rather not have revealed. It’s like peeling an onion, with one hand.


Keeping with the self-help theme, tune in on Friday, January 16th for ME FIRST.



Strike.TV’s own Peter Hyoguchi has created this comedy pilot starring Tim Bagely (Knocked Up). Let personal motivator Jeffrey Wise teach you how to grab life by the balls and squeeeeeze.


On Tuesday, January 13th, don’t miss episode 4 of Susan Miller and Tina Ward’s acclaimed new series about young love in the post 9/11 age - ANYONE BUT ME.


If you haven’t discovered ANYONE BUT ME yet, here’s what some of its loyal viewers are saying about it...

lucyindasky (10th January 2009)
I'm officially hooked!

jmor1403 (6th January 2009)
Every episode gets better! Can't wait to see more!!

asho89 (6th January 2009)
Ahhh wonderful! Wonderful actors, wonderful script, wonderful relationships, wonderfully comforting to everyone who's ever felt like an outsider. Can't wait for more!


And finally, after weeks of anticipation, GLOBAL WARMING returns with its second episode.



Kristin Wiig and Aasif Mandvi are back to continue the international romance that started when Strike.TV launched, only now Kristine and Ace are face to face in New York, and Ace is holding a ring. Will she say yes, or call the INS?


Coming up in the weeks ahead, Strike.TV continues to bring a wide array of new shows to the web. There’s THE TEHUACAN PROJECT, a documentary short executive produced by Brad Pitt. DANGEROUS WOMEN, a wild comedy/action series starring cast members from the original EVIL DEAD. FUSION, an intense sci-fi/drama pilot from STAR TREK and FARSCAPE writer, Richard Manning. HOLD PLEASE, a comedy series about trying not to put your dreams on hold. And THE WRITE ENVIRONMENT, an interview series from Jeffrey Berman, featuring revealing discussions with BUFFY and DOLLHOUSE creator Joss Whedon, LOST’s Damon Lindeloff and HEROES’ Tim Kring.

Thanks for watching!

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