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THIS WEEK ON STRIKETV - Week of February 9th, 2009

Hello Striketv.er's! Well, the world of New Media keeps growing and so do we.

Make sure you check out the latest episodes of our new, offbeat comedies, which dominate our week!

* Premiering today, the latest episode of SHRINKS, written and directed by Gregg Brown.

In Episode 3, Roman (Gregg Brown) visits his third therapist at New York Psychiatry Associates, Dr. Gelfano, who teaches him the harsh realities of life a la Albert Ellis.

* Also, this week features the season finale of HOLD, PLEASE. Mandy Stern's finding it’s not easy having a temperamental chef as a boyfriend. The fourth episode—“The Boyfriend”— is a recipe for some hot ’n spicy comedy and drama.

* LAWYERS, from the writing team of Gabe Grifoni and Suzanne Francis, is premiering it's second episode on Thursday - where Brian’s past life as a street-walking hussy catches up to him. LAWYERS co-stars Brandon Routh (that's right, SUPERMAN, people, SUPERMAN!) and Gregory Smith (EVERWOOD, people, EVERWOOD!).

* And if your already enjoying some zany, be sure to check out the next episode of MOTHERHOODLUM. This Irreverent Comedy continues to explore what happens after one online date, six mojitos, and 9 months… This week, Emily is kicked out of her eco-mommy club, and is forced to join a mysterious new playgroup…

* In Strike.TV dramas - The second ANYONE BUT ME INTERLUDE premieres on Tuesday, while the writers, cast and crew are busy shooting new episodes in New York. This week they ask - What's on your playlist?

* In Sci-Fi/Fantasy - The adventures of our Dangerous Women - Cheryl, Linda and Shelly - continue. In this week's episode "SLUT" Cheryl and Linda are worried about Shelly - with good reason.

* And lastly, in honor of the 1 year anniversary of the END of the Writer's Guild Strike, we're premiering West Guild Story - the strike video you never got to see.

Thanks for watching and be sure to embed your favorite show wherever eyeballs roam.



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