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Friday 19th December 2014

A tenant in her building's laundry room suspects a stranger is waiting for something more sinister than the dryer.

"Blood is the hardest stain."

Release date coming soon!

EPISODE NINE: Emelio confronts Manny about getting in a barfight the night before and putting two guys in the hospital. Evan and Angela Badhand make out down by the river for the first time. Henry discovers Jean drunk on the couch in his house and is fuming that she is a drunk. He threatens her. Henry tells his henchmen to get dirt on Emelio to use against him in the upcoming election. Back at breakfast Diego asks Emelio if it’s true that Marissa (still not home) dated Ben Kross in Highschool. He admits he’s heard the same thing.

Release date coming soon!

EPISODE TEN: HENRY tells Dan (home from college) that he has the chance to take over control of the ranch (cutting out his father). After the discussion he determines Dan is a punk and he and Dutch laugh about the idea of the punk taking over the operation of the ranch. Marissa returns from Santa Fe where Emelio is waiting for her very worried and tells him she got a job as an on-camera reporter for local tv. This doesn’t make him happy as he wants her home to take care of family. She says she needs to do this for herself. We see the henchman John, videotaping this argument from the weeds of the Ramirez house. He’s arrested and thrown in jail. Diego comes to the Kross house to explain and introduce himself properly to Ben and Diane. Diane tells him he’s to leave the ranch and never see Julie again. In town, a friend of Julie’s tells her that there is a rumor going around that Diego and her “went all the way” -- furious and hurt she confronts Diego who denies that he spread this rumor. The Kross girls take Julie on a rafting trip to recover from her breakup with Diego only to discover that Diego is their river guide and they are in on it – to bring them back together. Henry tells henchman Dutch that he murdered Jean and tells him to bury the body.

Release date coming soon!