How to Start a Nearshore Software Development Company

The world is full of opportunities and with new opportunities coming up every second, starting up an offshore software development facility has never been easier. Clients look for offshore software development companies because they get their software created effectively at lower costs. For example: United States and other developed countries are increasingly lured to look at India for their software needs because of the promising offshore software development firms that get the job done at considerably lower rates.

Reduced development costs with intelligent minds: who would not go for the combination? You must be thinking that if it is that ‘easy’ to open an offshore software development centre then why doesn’t everyone do it? It’s because opening an offshore development facility requires special attention and focus to some crucial factors.

We will give a step by step process to start up a nearshore software development company:

1. Understand the business: Ask the people who have already done it or still doing it. They will tell you all about the business. Learn from their experience and insights and be sure that you want to get into the business after studying about it thoroughly.

2. Decided? Alright now, let us move forward. What would you like to do as an offshore development facility? Do you want to operate on JAVA or create well formed databases? If you have overseas contracts on a particular technology then it’s alright, otherwise you may have to get that thought process running, and think about what you actually want to develop and sell.

3. Now that you are sure about the technology, you may want to gather some people with you. Mostly graduates and diploma holders. You need to think about- “What value and skills can you add to the whole system?” There are some fronts that you may need to clearly think about: Who will plan? Who will develop? Who will test? And finally, who will support? Apart from all this, you may want to hire a Program Manager who can take charge of the projects for you, and if you are the one ‘qualified’ then nothing can beat that.

4. Last but not the least part is ‘procuring clients’. The only way to get clients is to promote your skills. Ask yourself-“What unique skills do I have to offer?”-and promote that. Make a blog or a website; promote your company online and offline. Create a marketing team and a sales team. Throw mails around and reply to them. Develop a whole ecosystem of earning and procuring new clients.
You must be thinking that we did not talk about infrastructure. That’s because you don’t need one. You can start it in your garage for god’s sake with a load of LAN connections. All you need is high speed internet and skilled associates and you are good to go. Of course once you have it established and business grows, you might want to move in to a bigger office with all the necessary infrastructure to boot.