The Eroscillator 2 Plus: Gentle & Intense All At Once

  The Eroscillator 2 Plus is an amazing piece of technology, and I’m glad that it exists. I’m ashamed to say I’ve procrastinated on writing this review, but that’s because I wanted to give you my true opinion of The Eroscillator. Since it’s so different than any other vibrator out there, it takes some getting […]

Anal Douching Guide

Many people out there are engaging in anal douching whether they are gay men or straight women. To douche or not to douce, that is the question. What is it really and how is it done – these are questions often asked about it. If you are also asking and are interested in do the process […]

Best Lubes For Anal Sex in 2019

Best Lubes For Anal Sex – Your Guide to Anal Lubes in 2019  You’ve been inspired to try anal sex, and maybe now you’re wondering just how the anal angels out there are able to get so kinky with their sensitive rear end arena. Well, it’s all about the lubrication. There’s more to these lush […]