Anal Douching Guide

Many people out there are engaging in anal douching whether they are gay men or straight women. To douche or not to douce, that is the question. What is it really and how is it done – these are questions often asked about it. If you are also asking and are interested in do the process to make sure you are clean inside and out – read on!

What is Anal Douching?

Anal douching or rectal douching is a process done to clean the rectal area, rinsing the rectum with water to flush out the contents we refer to as dirty or filthy. This is usually done before or in preparation for anal sex. In anal douching, you use a device called a douche, a tool used to perform the rinse. It is filled with water and is inserted in the rectum.

The How to Anal Douching Guide

Here is an explanation or a how to anal douching, to get about the procedure properly and safely. I’ve enumerated it, step by step, to make it easier to follow.

  • Make sure the douche is clean by washing it before use.
  • Make sure that when you start anal douching, you are within easy reach of the toilet!
  • Prepare tepid water. Don’t use too hot or too cold water because the insides of our rectal area is very sensitive. Hot water may burn the anal lining and too cold watel will be a massive shock and will feel unpleasant. Do not add soap or any other cleansing products – just water. The soap or cleaning products will only hurt.
  • Use lubricants on the douche nozzle and your anus to insert the nozzle easily.
  • Insert the nozzle 2/3 inches inside to cleanse the lowest part for anal play. Gently squeeze the bulb to let water spray inside.
  • DO NOT LET GO OF THE BULB until you have removed it entirely from yourself – otherwise you will suffer ‘suck back’ – all that water will get sucked back inside the anal douching if you let go whilst it’s inside – and nobody wants that.
  • Expel the water inside naturally to flush out the water and the filth. This is the part where you use the bathroom.
  • Repeat the steps as necessary until the water you expel is clean and clear. Usually, it can take between 2 to 3 expulsions to get things done.
  • Do this half an hour or more before you engage in any anal play with your partner.

Bellow is a nice video about “How to use an anal douche“,  I recommend you to watch it.

Why do I need to clean?

The answer to this question is easy – you don’t want to engage in any anal penetration with filth inside it because it might come out in the nastiest moments. It’s a total turn off, of course, for you and your partner and the mood will instantly fade. It’s an  embarassment to say the least.

What is an anal douche shower?

An anal douche shower usually comes as a kit. This enema kit includes a free narrow nozzle, a 6 foot hose and instructional manual. This is a bit tricky because the water pressure maybe too hard for your anal lining to handle. So you need to regulate the force or pressure of the water through the shower knob and the anal douche shower hose.

 Suggested Products

As someone actively engaging in anal play, I go through anal douching as a preparation. For guys out there who would like to get their own douche and start with the anal douching process for a hassle free anal play, I would like to recommend that you take a look at these two products that I have personally tried and tested.

#1 Bum Buddy Cleaning System

  The COLT Bum Buddy, color black and man sized, is a premium cleaning system. The douche can hold up to 15.5 fluid ounces. It has an over sized nozzle and an easy to squeeze silicone bulb. What I love about this is how it can be easily disassembled for cleaning. I also love the ergonomically curved design that makes it easy, comfortable to use. The douche is made from phthalate free materials, silicone bulb, Thermoplastic Rubber TPR attachment.

#2 Lovehoney Anal Douche

  The Lovehoney Anal Douche is a sleek and seamless black colored douche with an easy squeeze bulb. Made from high quality PVC rubber with a non-slip finish for extra grip during use, it is safe on the skin even on the delicate inner anal lining. Choose the best anal douche that fits your level of anal penetration experience and one that comes with only skin-safe materials and you are good to go.

Follow the instructions and keep the safety precautions in mind and you can enjoy anal play hassle free afterwards.

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