Anal Enema

Enemas (aka Anal Douches) and Cleansing How-To



When you first think of a rear end, you don’t really think of how clean it is – quite the opposite right? Well, because butt play is considered good fun by plenty of people with all sorts of interests – humans had to figure out how to make it cleaner and even more enjoyable than in those early years of sexual explorations. Some consider it unnecessary, and if you’re one of those with a dependable schedule feel free to get toss the idea out – it isn’t a solid requirement – simply a possible preference or is sometimes considered a pleasurable activity.


One of the favorite methods and most effective ways humans have devised to overcome that possibly messy, unpleasant experience with anal play is the enema or the anal douche. This are simply different terminologies which refer to a simple rinse or flushing of your bowel system that makes things extra squeaky clean and ready for a stimulating session of anal play that doesn’t get cut short by an embarrassing mess or a fun-breaking stop in the middle of a heated moment to make a trip to the bathroom mid-session. (No one wants to have to stop until done right?) While those are natural reactions to the stimulation of the anus and rectum, they aren’t what you imagine as part of your sexy time adventures. So, while not everyone will be into the enema thing, there are numerous reasons to give it a chance.There’s even some kinksters that can incorporate pleasurable play sessions involving the whole enema process. It’s not only intimate to share those moments with your partner, it can also be very stimulating in a variety of situations. It’s all up to your comfort level with your partner and yourself. Let’s dig on in to the world of enemas and anal douching.


Types of enemas


There are two basic types of enemas; cleansing based enemas and retention based enemas. As the names imply, they have different purposes and instructions. Before you begin, be sure that you’re healthy enough to participate in the use of enemas – those of you with intestinal problems may want to check with your doctor before taking part in anal play or ask about what options are best for your interests. This helps you be healthier and ensures the best experience with anal pleasures. Take care to not abuse enemas either, over-use of these can cause serious intestinal issues especially to those that already have sensitive systems or those that have fully researched and decided to incorporate a variety of fluids or infusions to their enema products.


The cleansing enema or anal douche is a small scale, short time enema that is only held in the body long enough to stimulate the desired cleansing movement. Somewhere between 5 and 20 minutes of retention is considered typical for these kinds of cleanses. They are often used to treat various minor intestinal problems in the vanilla side of the public, but are often used as basic preparation for anal play. These enemas can be easily purchased at most retailers in prepared sanitary bottles or kits with detailed instructions for proper usage and care of the kits contents. Take care to read the ingredients of any prepared enema solutions, as some have stronger interactions with your body than you may desire to experience. There are gentler versions that are mostly just sanitary water or saline solution, others have added ingredients that offer stronger stimulation to the colon to catalyze a stronger – more crampy feeling- movement. While these are effective, they may be more uncomfortable for some individuals; this especially applies if you have never had an enema performed before. As always, pay attention to your body and how it is reacting, if severe discomfort or bleeding occur – get in touch with a medical professional. It is always better to be safe and embarrassed than in physical danger.


The retention enema is far more commonly used as a medical counterpart in specific digestive therapies that include various medications or herb fusions that have various effects on the digestive system – each treating a various symptom. However, there are also those individuals that simply take pleasure in either watching their partner retain an enema or those who really enjoy the sensation of holding the enema in due to the pressure that the fluids can cause when larger amounts are used. If you don’t have a medical issue, you don’t need to worry about the additions to your sanitary solution – and always check with your doctor if you do have a condition so you are aware of the different things that will work best for your needs or if you should use one at all. Most of these behaviors are typically fine with either medical direction or cautious and safe/sane usage. Some people have amazing retention capabilities that can last well over 30 minutes, others will struggle to get through even a few moments of retaining fluid inside their rectum. Either way, it is a heck of a workout for the sphincter muscles and can really impact the muscles used in anal sex. By working out these muscles, you can really grip your partner during anal play and be more capable of the activity that some stretching and gaping fans might desire. The activity also works out the kegel muscles that help improve vaginal strength for women. Some have even reported the use of a sort of lubricant enema, where soft tipped and specially designed syringes have been used to inject large amounts of lube into the rectum to create a maxed out moist environment for all sorts of anal play and pleasures (this sort of play may require special sheets that guard against serious messes). Again, be sure to use body safe materials and products to ensure safe and healthy experiences.


Tips for safe enema usage


Use sanitary disposable products with safe lubricants to prevent the tip of the nozzle from damaging the rectum and introducing unwanted bacterias to these sensitive areas.


If using a reusable bag, ensure that the bag is totally cleaned and dried between uses to prevent growth of bacteria and mildew. Sanitize and fully dry the nozzle and hose as well between each use to prevent later contamination of the solutions as they enter through each part of the bag system on their way to your intestines.


Use safe positions for the introduction of the enema. Some prefer to lie on their stomach with their knees pulled underneath their body while applying the nozzle of the bag or bottle of solution, while others will prefer a side position for enema entry.


Use safe temperatures of water when making your own solutions, too warm or too cold can cause additional undesired effects that are uncomfortable and no one wants to kill the entire mood of the night with constant cramps or burning sensations in addition to serious stimulation of the bowels.


Never share enema devices or other anal toys and devices without proper full sanitizing procedures and cleaning between partners or use disposable items to keep things nice and tidy and fully separate between play sessions and partners. Use condoms on all shared anal toys (let’s go ahead and throw in vaginal toys for that matter too – keep all shared toys for play sessions clean and safe for all participants no matter how hot and heavy things have gotten!).


Be prepared to want to have an immediate bowel movement after the introduction of the enema solution to your body. Try to retain the fluid for at least a few minutes to allow the solution to take full effect on your system – this will improve your results and possibly your pleasure levels depending on your personal preferences. Some report the capability to sleep for short periods during medically based retention practices, but try not to retain for too long unless directed as possible by your medical professional.


Massage your stomach once ready for the movement to complete to help move things along as the fluids are expelled. Some cramping is normal because that is basically what induced movements will feel like in general, but watch for extended or severe cramping – keeping temperature safety in mind when preparing your solution.


Do NOT use enemas and anal douches more often than directed by the instructions provided by each solution or kit manufacturer. When abused, enemas will throw off the balance of your natural and healthy bacteria that reside in your body to help improve your digestion and necessary bodily functions. This is the opposite of having anal fun, so while enemas can be pleasurable additions to anal play – use common sense and stay safe and healthy!