Best Lubes For Anal Sex in 2019

Best Lubes For Anal Sex – Your Guide to Anal Lubes in 2019

 You’ve been inspired to try anal sex, and maybe now you’re wondering just how the anal angels out there are able to get so kinky with their sensitive rear end arena. Well, it’s all about the lubrication. There’s more to these lush lubricants than you might think, so let’s dig right in and discover the best types of lubes for anal sex that are available and why you will love each and every one of these awesome anal lubes!

Types of Lubes

So, you are walking down the lube aisle (or perusing the anal lube tab for those who love online shopping) at your favorite sexy time retailer or local drugstore, and there are just so many bottles of anal lube, you don’t even know where to start. Well, the basic breakdown of lubricants is based on the main ingredients that give you the lubrication power you’re looking for.

The main types of anal lubes are silicone based, oil based, and water based. Each of these have amazing qualities that will make your anal sex unbelievably enjoyable in different ways. Not only will we break down the features of each style of anal lubricant, we will also go over the pro’s and con’s of each type and give you some recommendation of, what we think, are awesome anal lubes you should try. Let’s get started with a favorite anal lube variety – silicone.

Silicone-Based Lubes

Silicone anal lubricants are long lasting and water resistant. The silicone allows for the ultimate slide into your backdoor with maximized comfort and pleasure, with long-lasting staying power to help reduce the amount of lubrication you need to apply. These formulations provide the slickest sensations and ease of insertion from tiny toy to throbbing gifted lovers. Some even come with desensitizing agents to help you relax your rectum for the introduction of the massive pleasure that is heading your way.

Speaking of desensitizing lubes, one of the best anal lubes in the desensitizing silicone department is Doc Johnson’s Rear Entry Desensitizing Lube. This is an extra-thick silicone based lubricant that specifically features a key addition to the lubricating mix – desensitizing lidocaine – for additional comfort and relaxation. Keep in mind that desensitizing things will make it more difficult to detect if your body needs to stop (no matter what you might want to keep doing) – no one wants to harm themselves seriously while performing anal play – it hinders the fun of things and can have you out of the play ring for far longer than you desire. The desensitizing products are designed to ease that initial penetration sensation (“it only hurts at first”, who hasn’t heard of that one?) – although, if you’ve been practicing with a set of training sized butt plugs…this shouldn’t be much of an issue.

For those of you who are not looking for desensitization, there are numerous silicone based lubes that will help you perfect your anal orgasms with super slick and thick formulations that stay exactly where you want them to. One of the favored silicone lubes in this arena is pjur Back Door silicone anal lubricant. This brand claims to be condom safe, veggie suitable, and contains no parabens or glycerins that might irritate your most sensitive anal zones. It even uses a jojoba extracts for extra soothing moisturization and comes in an easy aim and squeeze bottle! This is a great option for those who want that supreme penetration with ultimate comfort and pleasure. The only drawbacks are that this silicone based product isn’t easily cleaned up after play and that it can’t be used with silicone toys.

While natural lubes are wonderful, they can’t match the lubricating power of silicone. And remember keep your silky smooth silicone toys away from these silicone lubes – no one wants a wilted, bubbled, wasteland monster toy in their most prized pleasure zones.


Alright, let’s move on to oil-based lubricants. Many of these types of lubes are great moisturizers for your skin in general – let alone those sensitive areas below the belt – and they allow for super slick and long lasting play. These can even come in formulations based on coconut, shea, jojoba, and other natural moisturizing oils that can be organic as well as super sensual. While most may prefer to use oil based lubricants as simple massage oils, many also like (or love!) the more naturally slick feel that oil gives when it comes to anal play. And who doesn’t love the natural infusions that can be included with these types of lubricants?

One of LoveHoney’s awesome oil-based lubricants is Doc Johnson’s Anal Lube. This is another long lasting type of lubricant that comes in an extra thick formulation to increase staying power. You won’t have to stop the action to apply more lube as often as with some other anal lubes. Clean up after play with this oil based lube is far easier than clean up from silicone products too. In addition, this oil based lubricant features a lack of parabens, glycerins, and aspartame to ease your mind and your sensitive zones.  This lube is not compatible with condoms or veggies though, so be sure to stick to safe partners and toys with any oil based lubricant.

Now, onward to the popular, natural feel of water based anal lubes. These lubes are one of the most used formulations in the anal lube department because they are compatible with everything. From jelly toys to silicone plugs, there isn’t a toy in sight that water based lubes can’t get along with. These formulations are also the most natural and can be found in organic, vegan, and cruelty free versions. One possible drawback to water based lubes is that some brands/ can sometimes contain glycerin – which can irritate those who are sensitive or can even catalyze yeast infections in women.

One organic style water based anal lube available through LoveHoney is the Sliquid Organics Natural Gel lubricant. This particular formulation is extra thick thanks to the additional base ingredient of aloe vera gel that also serves as a soothing agent for your anal area. This natural base allows for use with any style condom, any material toy, and the infusion of awesome botanical ingredients that has fantastic effects on your most sensitive areas of skin. This is a perfect combination of natural ingredients and fun, slick lubrication and is even safe in situations where it may end up in your mouth (it’s thick and noticeable but tasteless). This is a peak of perfection in the best water based anal lubricants – natural, thick, and slippery!

Another lovely water based lubricant available with LoveHoney is Sliquid Sassy water based anal lubricant. This particular style features a plant cellulose based thickener, and avoids anything even related to sugars (good bye yeast infections caused by a heavy flow of lubricant)! This is an extra thick formulation that stays where you want it, even though it’s a water based lubricant. Typically, water based lubes are thought of as extra thin varieties that while natural, will dry up quickly. This lube’s naturally based features allow it to act like a silicone while avoiding the use of unnatural formulations that are harder to clean. Users rave about the long lasting slick-ness that this anal lube provides and everyone loves the natural sensation that mimics the feel of your natural fluids (nothing is hotter than that!).

Overall Pros and cons of anal lubricant styles

Alright, so now you know the basic types of anal lubes, and even have some awesome examples of products that can work for you and your needs. Now, you need to figure out which one will work for you and your partner’s interests and needs. Here’s a break down of the basic pro’s and con’s to each type of anal lubricant out there to help you narrow down what you should invest in for your own anal adventures.


Silicone –

Pros – Great for use in showers and other forms of water play, silicone based lubes are extra slick lubricants, and are incredibly long lasting. One of the best anal sex lubricants for beginner anal kinksters thanks to the incredible ease of insertion this type of lube provides.

Cons – Silicone in general is not organic, it is difficult to clean up after play, may stain sheets or clothing and other accessories, and is not compatible with silicone toys or latex condoms. Extra care may be necessary as the consistency of silicone anal lubricants may allow for penetration that is faster and deeper than intended.



Pros- Often come in natural formulations that are massage friendly and long lasting. The oil based anal lubes can include amazing infusions for healthy anus skin which leads to healthier anal play and faster recovery from the vigors of anal play. Oil based anal lubes are available in thick and thin formulations for every variety of anal kinkster. Thick consistency oil based lubes are easily one of the best lubes for anal sex – especially for those who are more experienced and want to adjust the intensity of the lubrication to a stronger level without going too unnatural (these lubes are more easily absorbed in your sensitive anal areas). This type of lubricant is also silicone toy safe (just be sure it’s actually silicone – again, no one wants to abuse their toys and advertising can be misleading)

Cons- Thin consistency easily runs and drips (might not be a con in some perspectives – so grab some protective sheets in that case). Oil based lubes are not compatible with condoms or veggies.



Pros– Far more natural formulations are available in this type of anal lube. Easy to clean, compatible with every material toys are made of, and available in naturally thickened variations especially designed for incredible anal play. Often available in vegan, organic, and cruelty free versions that are natural and never tested on animals.

Cons– Can be thin or runny, and may dry quickly – extra easy to reinvigorate with a little water or saliva though!

How  to Choose  the Best Anal Lube

The key thing to remember here is making sure your anal lube is catering to your specific needs. Those who prefer an easy clean up will prefer water based anal lubes for themselves and their toys (along with the supreme compatibility of water based lube with any style toy) If you love silicone toys as your penetration of choice or don’t have access to compatible condoms – then you won’t want a silicone lubricant you’ll want water based lubricants. If you love super slick sensations or long lasting play in water situations – then silicone anal lube will be the best anal sex lube for you. If you love getting massages that lead into anal play, oils might be a better choice – as they won’t evaporate mid-session or be too thick for the multi-purpose moisturizing action. Some oil based lubricants are even edible and are perfect for oral anal rimming play – light texture that won’t choke you out and an ever increasing flavor variety are available in the oil based anal lubricant arena. If you love natural feeling moisture, often made from natural ingredients as well as love silicone toys – water based anal lubricants are your best bet. It’s all up to you and what you are looking for, so get out there and experiment to your heart’s content – you never know what other kinks you might run across that you love while you’re at it!

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