Butt Plugs: A Guide for Beginners

Looking to spend some kinky time with your partner or by yourself but you’re bored of the traditional ways and tools? Simple, get a butt plug. This famous sex toy is a great tool that can be used for self-satisfaction, double penetration pleasure, or as a preparation for an actual full anal penetration. Both men and women can enjoy such a butt plug, which makes it an essential element of anyone’s sex toys collection. Butt plugs come in different shapes and sizes and can be made of different safe materials. It has a conic shape, with a broad base and a tight top, to ensure an easy penetration while preventing the toy from getting lost in one’s anus.

Why should you use a butt plug?

From a physiological point of view, the anus has plenty of nerves, which can undoubtedly be noticed while having a bowel movement. Both women and men (homosexuals to be exact) can enjoy anal penetration, as opposed to the common belief that only females can feel such pleasure. In fact, men are more likely to experience more sensations, and that’s a fact backed up by science. Why? Because the prostate is located right next to the anus in men, which creates what you’d call the P-Spot, which can give a man great pleasure once stimulated using a butt plug or a prostate massager. The situation differs of course, and not all men enjoy it, but anatomically speaking, men can have greater joy through anal penetration than women. Females can enjoy an anal penetration as well, and many can experience an orgasm from such a sexual variant. Homosexual men know the great pleasure of anal penetration through their partner’s penis and sex toys. If you’re a heterosexual, buy a butt plug and don’t miss your chance to experience the P-spot pleasure.

How to safely use a butt plug?

One doesn’t typically start sexual intercourse with a butt plug immediately, there has to be some entremets first to get on the mood. That’s usually achieved by some fingering and rimming of the anus area. So, how to do both practices safely?

What you have to do for a great butt plug experience

First, you need to douche that area. That’s an essential step before any anal practice. A common misconception here is that rectums aren’t clean because they’re the natural passage for feces. While that’s not entirely wrong, you should note that the anus has many good bacteria that work day and night to disinfect the area. Douching is essential mainly to make the process more comfortable for you and your partner. Second, you must lubricate your anus. Lubrication is crucial as the anus doesn’t have natural secretions like the vagina, and you need to get a special anal lube which has a thicker consistency compared to other lubes. If your partner is using condoms, get a water-based lube, as oil-based ones degrade latex. Some people prefer to shave before anal intercourse, but that’s a personal preference and a decision only you and your partner can to make.

What your partner has to do

You partner’s nails mustn’t be sharp, as the rectum tissue is soft and can be torn quite easily. Nails are perfect infection transmission mediums too, so your partner has to do some house-keeping before anal fingering. Although those tips relate to anal penetration, they must be followed even if you want to step your sexual game or have some solo fun with a butt plug. These toys can give great pleasure and should be included in anyone’s try-before-you-day list. Butt plugs come in different sizes and shapes, you can choose from glass butt plugs, princess butt plugs, animal tail butt plugs, etcetera,  so picking one can be a hard task. Just remember that you need to base your choice on which stage you’re in and your experience with sex toys. Butt plugs can be either static, vibrating, or inflatable. Choosing which one to use is up to you. Avoid using normal items as butt plugs, and only use dedicated sex toys for this purpose as they have a broad base to prevent the plug from entering your rectum in its entirety.

How to improve your butt plug experience: men’s edition

Gone are the days when training the pelvic area to strengthen the pelvic muscles through kegel toys was a privilege for women. Everybody knows that men can improve their butt plug or anal experience too through different exercises. Men enhance their anal game by training their Pubococcygeus (PC) muscles, which help in maintaining penis blood flow and urination. These muscles intervene in male orgasms as well, and one can strengthen them by clenching his butt cheeks and anus. Get to you exercises, buddy, it’s time to make your P-spot orgasms more prolonged and pleasurable.

How to improve your butt plug experience: women’s edition

We get it, you’re only used to vaginal sex toys. Vibrators are a great way to achieve pleasure and orgasms for women, and no one can argue that dildos do their job when it comes to joyful and orgasmic penetration. The Thrusting vibes are just perfect for women thanks to their movement and the way they hit the hot spots inside. These two sex toys differ from butt plugs in the fact that the latter is a static toy. A butt plug is made to be inserted and left peacefully for a continuous full pleasure and stimulation. The best thing you can do is leave one in your rectum and get on with the rest of your sexual or normal activities to enjoy a full sexual experience. Here’s a little tip to improve your sexual intercourse with a male partner: get a vibrating plug . Why is that better than a normal one? Because your partner will have extreme sexual sensations as well since he’ll feel the vibration of the plug while enjoying the vaginal penetration. Double the pleasure for both of you! If you have a female partner, you can get the same experience by inserting a butt plug while she thrusts into your vagina with a strap-on dildo. That’s definitely something you don’t wanna miss in your sexual sessions. If you’re a newbie in the anal world, don’t just dive in with a butt plug. That would only backfire and putt you off the entirety of the anal excitement idea. Instead, start small, and use lots of lube. Lubricate the whole area inside out and the plug itself, as that will make the practice more relaxed, safer, and more comfortable. As mentioned above, use an anal lube as it’s thicker than the normal one.

Why do women use a butt plug?

As a woman, you can use a butt plug for a variety of reasons:
  • To have incredible sensations as your partner is giving you oral sex and doing wonders to your clitoris while your rectum is occupied by the plug for double the pleasure.
  • To give your partner a fantastic vaginal penetration by tightening your vagina thanks to the butt plug.
  • To prepare yourself both mentally and physically for actual anal intercourse in which your partner either thrusts into you with his penis if he’s a man or with a strap-on if she’s a woman.

How long should you keep a butt plug on?

While some people can keep a butt plug in place for a long time, even hours in some cases, you should know that they didn’t start like that. You need to start small, few minutes at most, then increase the duration gradually until you can keep it on for an extended period. When you’re using a butt plug, do not ignore any discomfort, no matter how slight it may seem, and remove the toy at first sign of blood or pain. Deep in the rectum, there are no nerves like out on the skin so you may not feel the sensations of discomfort immediately. Again, if you start slowly, you’re most likely to have a pleasurable experience, so don’t rush things. The recommended maximal duration for a butt plug is two to three hours, even if the sensation is irresistible, so try not to surpass that period if you’ve been using these sex toys for a long time. Should you keep the plug in place for a longer period, the walls of your rectum and sphincter may get damaged due to the increased blood flow caused by pressure. You may even develop ulcers in some cases, and you wouldn’t want to get that, especially in that area.


Trying new things every now and then is a recommended thing to do during your sexual sessions. Humans can get bored quite easily, and we cannot keep the same routine for a long time, especially in an activity that involves sensations and pleasure. When it comes to new things, sex toys are the real thing, they’re just fabulous and fantastic. And while most people limit themselves to dildos and vibrators, others tend to try other toys, notably sex plugs, which form an excellent pleasure machine for both women and men.