Male G-Spot

Guess What! Males have a g-spot too! You’re actually probably already familiar with the male g-spot without even knowing it. Let’s try this… you might recognize it more easily as the prostate (yeah, I know…typically associated with that exam after a certain age – but the prostate can be incredibly fun too!). No matter what […]

Anal Enema

Enemas (aka Anal Douches) and Cleansing How-To     When you first think of a rear end, you don’t really think of how clean it is – quite the opposite right? Well, because butt play is considered good fun by plenty of people with all sorts of interests – humans had to figure out how […]

How to Prepare for Anal Sex

Welcome to your basic online guide to safe and satisfying anal sex. Somehow, somewhere, you’ve found yourself interested by the concept of anal play, either through your partner begging you to try it for the first time, through a never seen before porno genre experimentation, or through your own bodily explorations of your natural inclinations […]