Urethral Sounding

Beginner’s Guide To Urethral Sounding   What Is Urethral Sounding? Urethral sounding might sound a bit crazy to some of you. I know the face I made when I heard about it 15 years ago was one of confusion and curiosity. Yours was probably similar. Or not, depending on how open minded you might be. […]

Ruined Orgasm

  What is a ruined orgasm? Ruined orgasm? That doesn’t exactly sound fun! Well, it really can be fun, especially if used repeatedly (on both males and females). The basic idea behind ruining an orgasm is to reduce those overwhelming sensations of orgasmic pleasure to a tiny trickle of a tease that results in only […]

Penis Plug

  What Is A Penis Plug? Before we begin, I want to make it very clear that you should never put any household items into your penis. Penis plugs (along with urethral sounds/plugs, catheters, and genital jewelry) are specifically made for this sort of stimulation for a good reason – the urethra is a delicate […]

Male Chastity

  Alright, so you have at some point stumbled upon the interesting kink of male chastity. Whether introduced through a partner (curious or maybe even experienced), a porno experiment, or simply through one of those window-shopping, web-surfing black holes that occasionally suck us into new worlds of information – you’ve stumbled to the right place. […]

Fleshjack Review

  Fleshjack Basics What Exactly Is A Fleshjack In The First Place? Well, it’s only one of the biggest hits on the market of male masturbatory aids. This particular branding comes from the more well known name of Fleshlight. You know, those ‘pocket pussies’ you’ve heard about – or even found in a friend’s or […]