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Tips for the hottest weddings

Tips for the hottest weddings
Sometimes you are getting bored thinking at your wedding day? Does it look to you that it will only be a very complicated formality? But in fact, you wish it will be more than that, you want an admirable event for you and for your guests. In this case, do not let the others decide for you. Train your imagination to something spectacular. Here are some tips you can have in consideration:

Rock and roll
If you love black color and your favorite song is a rock one, you can opt for a rock party in every possible way!

Replace your classic honeymoon with a trip on a yacht on the most exotic waters of the world. This romantic will help you to explore the most hidden places of the planet and will a very inspired source of romantics for you and your husband/wife.

Haute couture
Give up the traditions and pick an original wedding dress , which can make you think at haute couture; in this way you will be the bride of the year. For your hair, choose what it fits best with your personality and if you will choose a high bun or a very simple one accessorized with a flower, it is after all the most important day of your life and you should look perfect.

Airplane wedding
If you really want your wedding (for more info you can visit : Restaurant Nunta Bucuresti) to be memorable, choose to marry in height, with other words, choose to get married in a plane! Suggested solution may seem complicated, but in fact it is not at all like this. And for your surprise to be complete, do not announce guests your destination. It can be Paris, Rome, or what you desire.

Choose to accessorize your wedding dress with a hat. This element is a plus of style for your wedding dress.

Instead of wedding cake
Do not let your guests to wait for hours the moment when the bride cut the cake. We bet that your guests will enjoy the idea of having a “sweets bar” on their disposal throughout the entire party; this will make happy the chocolate lovers and the secret admirers of ice cream.

Minute photo
If you want to have reasons for joy at least one full year after the wedding, sit on each table a few disposable cameras, handy for the guests. We guarantee you will laugh with tears when you will develop the pictures and then you will know for sure that you had the most successful wedding.

Say “yes” in an ecological style
Not necessarily have to be a militant for having an ecological wedding. You can look at it as an alternative for a classical wedding, or as a way to get out of the ordinary patterns and to hold a different kind of party. Choose instead of a restaurant a garden full of flowers and type the invitations for the wedding on recycled paper. This type of party will cost less than a fancy one.

We hope that you’ve made up your mind on what particular flowers to use in your wedding. If not, we’re here to offer you a helping hand and we’re certain that you’re going to feel pleased concerning the things that are mentioned here. In the lines to come you’re going to read about some tips on how to have great looking flower arrangements in your wedding day, not only for the reception but for the entire ceremony.

So, we present a great looking flower arrangement that will definitely seem interesting to you and we’re going to offer you some indications on how it’s realized.  Try finding some flower containers in cubical shapes and that have nice patterns on them. Also, they can have a mixture of different materials from which these can be made of. For instance, these can be made of matte plastic with transparent plastic and with patterns and models on it. It can have also sand at the basis in order to support the flowers or you can simply fill it with water.

In this case, we’re speaking about a flower arrangement that is completely white: the container is white and the flowers used are white as well. Decide on what type of flowers you want to use and for this white container we would recommend the usage of blue flowers or multicolored ones. It’s important to use your imagination!

Here’s how we continue our list of suggestions with some other great looking flower arrangements which are really great looking in the same time and we would also like to mention that these aren’t hard to realize at all! We’re speaking of a flower arrangement which is placed in cylindrical container that served as a flower can or any other stuff for kitchen.

This one is filled with nice looking flowers that are cut really short. Also, you can mix the flowers with plants and different vegetables in order to create a really interesting visual impression and a mixture of colors that will definitely please the eyes. You can also use these details and flower arrangements  as wedding favors and this is indeed a neat idea that we’re sure it’s going to be really useful to you.
No more to say! If you have some ideas, please share them with us or simply tell us in what you’re interested so that we can know what to write about.