Coconut Oil Lube

Is Coconut Oil Safe To Use As Lube?

Maybe you’ve been wondering, can you use coconut oil as lube? It’s natural…. Right?


Yes! You can use coconut oil as a sexual lube just like you can use it to moisturize any other part of your body (so long as you aren’t allergic to coconuts or coconut oil). Coconut oil is wonderful as a natural massaging oil which is perfect for that long massage that turns into intense foreplay. Coconut oil is also perfect for use as a personal lubricant for vaginal and anal sex. You won’t even have to stop to fumble with any additional bottles of lubricant for various types of kinky play. If you’re looking for smoother transitions and natural lubricants to add to your toy bag, coconut oil is the way to go! And to top it off, if things are getting extra messy and it ends up in your hair… no problem! Your locks will be gleaming too!


Even though coconut oil is great as a lube, there can be some drawbacks to using coconut oil as a lubricant, so let’s cover those nagging issues before we look at all the fun sexy uses coconut oil can have! You’ll need to know which toys coconut oil can be used with before you get too excited and start buying your coconut oil lube in double extra bulk.


Coconut Oil and Toy Materials

  • Latex and Coconut Oil – First up, coconut oil will not get along with anything latex. You’ll need to find another type of condom, dental dam, or whatever else you’re using that is latex. I personally haven’t had issues with coconut oil and quick use with latex gloves (both for innocent use with conditioning my hair and slick and sexy doctor style fun), but when it comes to preventing sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and preventing unwanted pregnancy, you’ll want to play it extra safe and go for the non-latex versions when using coconut oil for sex.
  • Silicone toys are totally fine with coconut oil for both vaginal and anal lubricants. The only lubricant silicone toys seem to not get along with is silicone lube. However, you should probably double check to be sure that the ‘silicone’ toy you have is actually silicone. Not all manufacturers are as honest as they should be when developing their advertising pitches and designing material names. Not that there should be any issues if the ‘silicone’ isn’t real – but it’s always a good idea to occasionally evaluate your toys for changes in firmness and smoothness regardless (especially anal toys as they need to stay silky smooth).
  • TPR/PVC based toys are not advised for use with coconut oil. You might not see any damage initially, but there are chemical changes occurring in the materials once they are in contact with each other. Those materials can end up tearing apart because they become weaker and will end up leaving behind chunks in your orifices that might cause infections or other unwanted issues. It’s also a good idea to keep these specific types of toys separated – soft polymers sort of melt together or get sticky over time – it’s just a thing they do because they are built to be soft and soft plastic only stays that way for so long. That gross melted mess of toy will need to be thrown out immediately, because you really don’t want that on (like cock rings) or in your body (dildos, plugs, any other insertables).
  • Metal, glass, and any other toys made from toys that are fully body safe are totally fine when used with coconut oil. Which is awesome, because non-porous materials are easier to keep clean and safe for all your fun and sexy play sessions.


Vaginal Infections and Coconut Oil

So, for the ladies out there, wondering if coconut oil is okay to use for vaginal intercourse in particular, the answer is generally – yes. There are some of you out there however that might run a bit on the sensitive side of things with a delicate pH balance or a susceptibility to infections. There is a bit of debate over the whole thing, because coconut oil has particular properties that many other oils do not contain. Coconut oil holds some light duty anti-microbial capabilities, but is also a thick and greasy oil – which can harbor bacteria pretty easily. Most women have no problems when using coconut oil during sex, or just don’t report having issues after using coconut oil as a lubricant. There are also many kink friendly doctors that advise simply trying it out at least once, using about a teaspoon sized dab of coconut oil. By testing it out yourself and then waiting a few days after, you can get a better idea of it will trigger anything for you personally. If you already know you get vaginal infections frequently, this may not be the lubricant for you – no need to add more kindling if you can help it.


Coconut Oil Before, During, and After Sex


Before sex, you can use coconut oil as a massage oil to relax and seduce your partner to create the perfect mood. Coconut oil is slowly absorbed into the skin which allows it to linger around for every long and loving caress.

During sex, coconut oil can be used for vaginal play or anal play. Coconut oil is safe to use and can even improve elasticity for the vaginal walls and the rectal walls once some is absorbed into the skin. Coconut oil won’t dry out like a water based lubricant, and doesn’t contain any unnatural chemicals or formulations like silicone. For anal, you may prefer to use a coconut oil that is only partially melted to give a thicker coating of lubricant.

After sex, you can easily clean up your bodies and your sheets/linens with a quick soap and water wash. No harsh abrasives or strong soaps will be needed, and anything that’s been absorbed will keep your skin glistening and moisturized!