Fleshjack Review


Fleshjack Basics

What Exactly Is A Fleshjack In The First Place?

Well, it’s only one of the biggest hits on the market of male masturbatory aids. This particular branding comes from the more well known name of Fleshlight. You know, those ‘pocket pussies’ you’ve heard about – or even found in a friend’s or lover’s bedside drawer. These are technically marketed more directly toward gay males (there are quite a few super sexy gay porn star styled orifices and dildos available as well!), but honestly, from what I’ve seen of this product line – any person with a penis can enjoy these amazing and scintillating designs.

The basic structure of the Fleshjack consists of a casing (typically aimed toward subtle storage), a specially formulated body-safe SuperSkin synthetic flesh insert (open at both ends), and a cap at either end of the case. One cap is to cover the orifice and keep any dust and dirt from getting on or in the insert during storage. The second cap has a nifty trick that you’ll learn more about later on, so keep reading to find out more about the world of Fleshjack toys, including – proper use, cleaning, and extensive reviews of the Fleshjack product line that is currently available.

Using A Fleshjack

You might be thinking, how hard can using a Fleshjack be? It’s gotta be pretty basic, right? Well, it’s not a difficult task – that’s for sure, but there is a bit more work involved to get things started off right than you might first think. Don’t worry, it’s worth every bit of effort!

First up, once you’ve got your new Fleshjack out of the box, you’ll need to remove the retaining tube from the inside of the toy. It’s just there to keep everything from sticking together in the wrong ways while the toys await their new homes in the warehouse – so you can trash the tube once you’ve removed it from your Fleshjack. Don’t forget to do this, or you might knock into it in a most unpleasant manner.

Next, you’ll want to warm the patented SuperSkin insert to somewhere closer to normal body temperature. Room temperature synthetic flesh simply doesn’t give the best effects, and there are even two easy options when it comes to warming your Fleshjack to real flesh temp. One popular option for any of you who prefer to pinch your pennies (like me) is to simply submerge your Fleshjack insert in hot water for twenty minutes. You’ll need to change and refresh the water around the ten minute mark – heated water only stays hot for so long (don’t even think about boiling these toys). After you’ve thoroughly warmed your insert in the water, drain the remaining water out and replace the insert back into the casing. Or, if you want to pamper yourself and take away some of the extra effort, you can indulge in the heating wand accessory – which offers perfect and consistent temperature every time! You don’t even have to remove the case while warming – so it saves you even more time!

While you’re warming up your Fleshjack insert in the water or with the heating wand, you’ll want to also warm your water-based lubricant. (Yup, water-based lube only fellas, you don’t want to see the damage other lubes can cause the sleeve.) The combination of warm lubricant and warm insert will maximize that ‘real’ sensation and will improve the overall Fleshjack experience. If using the water method, you can place your bottle of lube over the insert to help keep the insert submerged and fully covered by water for easy heating of both the sleeve and the lube for the best experience possible.

Fleshjacks also feature an incredibly nifty built in suction control dial. You can use this to control the amount of suction sensation you experience. Tighten the dial all the way – experience ultimate suction and more intense stimulation from any textures within the insert. Loosen the cap a little or a lot to control exactly how much sensation you desire.

How To Clean Your Fleshjack

Now that you know how to use a Fleshjack the right way, we also need to cover the clean up. Once you’ve shot off a load into your toy, you’ll have to clean it out – or risk build up of mold, old bodily fluids, and old lubricant. Thankfully cleaning your Fleshjack is a very simple task and will help you maintain your new (favorite) toy for years to ‘cum’.

When you’ve finished using your Fleshjack, it’s time to clean up so it’s ready for next time. Maintenance is a must if you want to get the most out of any toy!

Basic Fleshjack Cleaning Instructions:


  1. First, you’ll want to remove both caps from the casing and remove the SuperSkin insert. You’ll hold this under warm running water from your faucet, allowing water to run through one way, then flipping it over to let the water run through the opposite way as well. Be sure to rinse the outer area of the sleeve too.
  2. Then, you can grasp one end of the sleeve tightly, closing it off so that you can fill the sleeve with warm water. Once about halfway full, you can grasp the open end and grip it to close it as well so you can get a more vigorous cleansing of any remaining lube or semen. Notice that I haven’t mentioned any soap at any point of this – that’s because if you really want to use soap on this – it needs to be oil and perfume free.
  3. Next, once you’re sure you’ve gotten all of the evidence of use cleaned out, you will need to allow your Fleshjack to air dry. You can do this by simply placing the sleeve back into the casing while leaving the end caps off of both ends. The casing will give just enough support to allow the inner canal to have air flow.
  4. When your Fleshjack is fully dry, you’ll want to give the inner canal of the sleeve a dusting of either the Fleshjack brand refreshing powder, or a pure talc or cornstarch powder. This helps maintain that silky soft texture that Fleshjack offers with the formulation and use of the SuperSkin synthetic flesh. Be certain to never use any other powders that might contain perfumes or other damaging ingredients.

Cleaning and Care Tips & Tricks

  • If you’ve gone with an insert that has a lot of textures, you may even need to gently work the sleeve to an inside-out position to allow the proper removal of all leftover residues.
  • Try to minimize the time the sleeve spends in this position, the synthetic flesh is built to be in its normal position and can deform or tear if left inside-out for too long.
  • Never use normal soaps on the SuperSkin insert – normal soaps will change the texture of the insert and reduce the realistic sensations.
  • Never boil your Fleshjack insert – it will warp and become misshapen.
  • Decide on a sanitizing schedule that suits how often you are using your Fleshjack. (Isopropyl Alcohol wipe-downs or the use of the specially formulated Fleshwash that is also available)
  • If you’re more of the rare or occasional user that might have longer periods of non-use between play sessions, you can simply add in a quick sanitation with your immediate after use clean-up to prevent any accumulation of bacterial growths while in storage.
  • If you’re a more regular enjoyer of your Fleshjack, you can keep a helpful sanitation schedule of once every other week or even once a week. (That might just be the clean freak in me – but I’d rather not take a chance with my toys or my boys.)




Fleshjack Products and Reviews

Build your own

The build your own Fleshjack category leads you directly to the first customization screen. This is where you can pick your desired Fleshjack casing color (black, blue, and silver are available) and click to the next step to pick your orifice style. There are currently three selections available at the time of publishing – these are: butt, mouth, and cheeks. The butt style features an entrance size of 4mm in a perfect circle and offers a wonderfully authentically tight anal experience. The mouth style offers a more horizontally oriented opening, with a height of 5mm and width of 15mm. The molded lips are firm, well shaped, and give you that wonderful suckling sensation too! Last, but not least, the cheeks style offers a more vertically oriented opening, to give an even tighter sensation even though it features a 6mm opening. These only apply to the entrance style, not the canal style. That’s the next step though! Once you’ve settled on your favorite orifice, click that pretty blue next button and pick out your texture. There are four that are available here, all of which have some incredibly fantastic variations. (If you desire a smooth texture, you’ll want to look for the Fleshjack Classics)

You can select from the double directional nubs in the ‘Barracuda’, the dually textured, ribbed and nubby ‘Bi-Hive’, the precision point nub and ring combo in the ‘Destroya”, or the smooth ripples of the ‘Heavenly’ case insert that caps off with intense tip sensations for that final, sweet, finishing thrust.

Finish up your customized Fleshjack shopping experience with a selection of any of the incredibly useful Fleshjack accessories you might desire. There are four available items, the launchpad, the phone strap, the shower attachment and a sleeve warmer. If you are reluctant to dunk your toy into a warm water bath to warm your Fleshjack, the sleeve warmer is a perfect option to invest in. This heater is built to match and compliment the Fleshjack in every way – including the perfect temperature for the SuperSkin synthetic flesh inserts. The Launchpad and/or the Phone strap are designed to hold your iPad securely in place, freeing up your device-holding hand for more interesting things. If you love the shower experience, and want to indulge in a hands-free environment, you can invest in the Shower attachment. This nifty device allows you to firmly attach your Fleshjack to most shower and bath surfaces so you can pump, thrust, slide and glide to your orgasmic content – giving you a much more realistic experience. Of course, you can always just get creative if you want to try the hands-free idea outside of the shower – a popular option for Fleshjack users is to secure the toy between household cushions.

Fleshjack Classic

This product is, of course, the classic style of the Fleshjack. This product line features a similar orifice line up (some available with whole starter packs!) as the ‘Build Your Own’ line-up. They’re called the Bottom Jack (4mm anal style), the All American Jack (horizontal oral style), and the Jack Ass (tight cheeks). However, the Classic line only offers the ‘smooth’ sensation insert. This is optimal for anyone new to alternative self-stimulation, anyone who might be extra sensitive, and anyone that wants to improve their overall sexual performance capability. Some of the overall features of the Classic line-up are that they are all nearly 10 inches in total exterior length, and allow for 8.5 inches of penetration length capability.


Maybe you’re looking for a quality penis pump. Fleshpump is exactly what you’re looking for. The basic Fleshpump features a simple two-button function that controls the automatic and electronic vacuum pump that does all the work for you. No more fussing with manual pumps that can be unsightly and inefficient and no more worry of building up too much vacuum pressure too soon. The simple starting kit offers the pump and cylinder components, includes two donut rings (to maintain the desired erection), and includes perfectly formulated lubricant! As with any penis pump, please consult your doctor about any concerns you have about erectile dysfunction (E.D.) and to ensure that you are healthy enough to use a penis pump.

Fleshjack Boys

If you have a favorite gay centric porn star in mind, you’ll love this line of Fleshjack products. Each and every one of the Fleshjack Boys line is molded from one of the twenty (that’s right, 20) stars body. Each Fleshjack Boy features one or two sleeve texture options, as well as a dildo option to choose from. This molding process allows you to get the feeling of your favorite star inside of you, or the sensation that you are inside of your favorite star.

For instance, the Jake Orion line up features both the Bulge texture and the Squeeze texture. The wild style of the Bulge earns its name through the incredible bulging texturization throughout the entire sleeve. Or, to enjoy Jake’s entry and a wonderfully wavy sensation, try out the Squeeze. You’ll love every moment of penetration sensation as it gives you an even tighter entrance to thrust into before opening into a series of tightly wound waves that make it feel like you’re really inside of Jake. Maybe you want to step things up a notch and enjoy a perfect replica of Jake’s cock inside your mouth or packed tightly in your ass.

You’ll find nothing but pleasure no matter which star might catch your eye.

Fleshjack Ice

Do you love to watch your member swell and quiver while stroking off? The Fleshjack Ice line is a perfect match for you! This line offers Ice Jacks in the three standard orifices, as well as offers the Torque product line up in the crystal clear Ice synthetic flesh formulation. There is also an Ice Pure available, for anyone that prefers a more subtle orifice presentation. If you love compact and handy toys (maybe travel toys, or just easy to store), you’ll want to check out the Quickshot Vantage, the Flight Aviator, or get the Clear Skies combo pack to meet your needs!

Fleshjack Launch

Perhaps you’re looking for something a little more interactive or automated? Thrust into the revolutionized toy of the future – the Fleshjack Launch. This innovation combines the powers of Fleshlight and Kiiroo companies, and allows you to either program your own stroke speeds and lengths for your play, or to sync your Fleshjack to a multitude of videos, virtual reality programs, webcams or even games! The Fleshjack Launch easily connects to your devices using basic Wireless Bluetooth connectivity, and can reach 180 strokes per minute (that’s intense, let me tell you now). It’s not excessively loud, and is lightweight for ease of handling during use. You won’t believe how much this will change the masturbation game!

Endurance Jack


For those of you who would love to improve the length of time they can perform, the Endurance Jack is the Fleshjack toy for you. This lineup features only two orifices, the Jack Ass and the Pure (nondescript) and offers a single texture style that is designed to give maximum sensation for your pleasure and (or) your training needs. Pick either style, and you’ll get the beautiful silver casing along with your Endurance texture sleeve. If you want, you can even try out a whole kit, which comes with your Endurance Jack as well as Fleshlube, Fleshwash, and Fleshlight Renewing Powder to make sure you have everything you need for the repeated uses your Endurance Jack will get!