How the Hitachi Magic Wand Works

Hitachi magic wand massager is one of the most popular products manufactured by Hitachi. Hitachi has been manufacturing electric massagers for a long time now and has enjoyed a fair bit of success with this product.

The Hitachi Magic wand massager is an electric massager or a vibrator which is user friendly and easy to use. People of all ages have used it in the past and have enjoyed the ‘satisfactions’ the massager gave them. Although the massager is used to soothe body muscles, its use as a sex toy has attracted masses towards this product. It is easy to use and lasts long. You can purchase the massager from various sites on the internet as well.

Using the massager is a very simple and easy process. The massager comes with a 6 feet cord attached to the handle that plugs in to the electric socket at the other end. Once you plug in the cord, look for the on-off switch on the handle of the massager. When you turn it on, you will hear the vibration caused at the head of the device.

Press the head of the massager against the neck or the back or the shoulder in order to relieve the pain. If you want to use the device at a high vibration speed, look for the switch on the handle that helps you adjust the vibration speed. You can push the switch to two levels of vibrations, 5,000 rpm and 6,000 rpm. However if you are using the device for the first time, a speed of 5,000 rpm would be enough.

You can use the massager for sexual foreplay in a number of ways. However, most people prefer pressing the vibrating head against their genitals or between the legs for enhanced pleasure. Females like to put the head of the device between breasts and enjoy the vibrations.

If you add the G-spotter and Wonder Wand attachments, you can enjoy the vibrations to the maximum. These attachments can be attached to the end of the massager in the small sockets. These attachments are vaginally used for prostrate stimulation.

Once you have used the device you need to properly clean it in order to ensure proper hygiene. It is recommended that you wipe the head with a disinfectant and a mild wet cloth after that. Unplug the device before cleaning it.

The device can be used to suppress pain in case of injuries as well. Three sets of fifteen minutes have a soothing effect and minimize the pain to a considerable extent. Many users have reported no pains at all after using the massager at regular intervals of time.

The Hitachi magic wand massager is very easy to use and the handle is long enough to reach body parts that are otherwise hard to reach. These qualities of the massager make it a hit in the markets today. The attachments that come with the massager are also easy to use and using it once gives you a fair idea about how to use it to best effect.