Train Your Pelvic Floor – How to work your kegels every day and enjoy it!

Exercise doesn’t have to be all bad! Today we are going to walk you through how you can exercise your kegel muscles daily whilst still having fun.

These exercises apply to both sexes! however the exercises we will be focusing on today are aimed at females.

What (or who) is Kegel?
·Arnold Kegel was an Iowa gynecologist and the inventor of the Kegel perineometer, an instrument uesd to measure the contraction strength of your pelvic floor muscles.
·During his research he identified methods that could be used to strengthen your pelvic floor, the muscle set which is now his namesake

Why Should I do Kegel Exercises?
1. Easier arousal: exercising and having healthy Kegels will increase blood flow to your entire pelvic region, this helps you get fully aroused and ready for lovemaking, which in turn makes your orgasm much more likely to happen!
2. More urinal continence control: A number of women, especially after childbirth and during advanced years of age, experience ‘dribbling’ from time to time, be it when they laugh, sneeze or cough. To put it in perspective think of your pelvic floor as a hammock that stretches from your tailbone to the front of your pelvis; the pelvic floor helps support and hold a number of your organs including your bladder, strengthening these muscles will help you to stay in total control.
3. Faster recovery form childbirth and preparation for pregnancy: Doing Kegel exercises before or after childbirth can help you to overcome or completely avoid the aforementioned leakage, and have you feeling more like your pre-delivery self much faster. This is because childbirth can take a huge toll on your pelvic floor muscles, which in turn leads to lessened arousal and enjoyment from sex after pregnancy. Remember, your pelvic muscles are responsible for the contractions you feel during climax, so if they are out of shape your orgasm will be too!

How do you exercise your Kegels?

Before we move on to the exact exercises you must first locate your Kegels.
·Place two fingers in your vagina and squeeze on them with your vaginal muscles, the muscles you feel squeezing your fingers will be the focus of our workout tips.
·If you want an alternate method of locating your Kegel muscles, next time you are urinating stop your urination mid-flow, the muscles you feel are what we will be working with.

A number of women rely on Kegel Exercise Weights (or Kegel balls) which involves using your muscles to hold the weights in place, gradually increasing the weight as their muscles become stronger. Kegel balls can be used for a more challenging workout and to strengthen your muscles further.

Today, however, we will be focusing on a manual exercise that can be completed without any exercise equipment.

Your first session:
1.After emptying your bladder, lie down flat on your back with your knees up in the air and held shoulder width apart.
2.Next you will tense your Kegel muscles (the same ones used to stop your urine flow). Flex for five seconds and then release for five seconds.
3.Repeat this 10 second cycle five times in a row to complete your first session.

Carry out one “session” of 5 sets once a day until you feel comfortable and strong enough to do more than one session a day (we suggest one in the morning and one at night). Ideally you will work up to three sessions a day, this however will take time. You will not notice results for the first few days, but when you do notice them you will be glad that you stuck it out!