How to Prepare for Anal Sex

Welcome to your basic online guide to safe and satisfying anal sex.

Somehow, somewhere, you’ve found yourself interested by the concept of anal play, either through your partner begging you to try it for the first time, through a never seen before porno genre experimentation, or through your own bodily explorations of your natural inclinations and favored sensations.

Anal play and penetrations are perfectly normal curiosities to cater to, even if it doesn’t end up being your favorite bedside behavior in your pleasure play time checklist.

Get ready to learn everything you need to know about anal penetration practices, including preparation, safe and sane practices, and general tips for toys and more!

How to Prepare for Anal Sex

The first step that most anal adventurers take before allowing any type of anal sex, is making room for the toy or other person. This can be easily achieved with a normal bowel movement. It’s up to you whether you want to let that happen naturally, or with some additional assistance.

However, many prefer to prepare with what is called an enema, or an anal douche. Let’s learn the basics of how this preparation choice works.

Cleansing Anal Douches/Enemas

These favored anal preparation tools are basically a simple water rinse or cleansing ritual that helps evacuate your lower intestinal tract and helps reduce any unwanted residues of movements from appearing during anal play.

The most popular enemas/anal douching kits are either prepackaged bottles or in an empty bag with hose and nozzle attachments for making your own enema solution.

They come in a variety of solutions and strengths, mostly including sanitized water and some form of bowel movement inducing medication.

Due to the health debilitating effects that can be caused by the constant use of enemas, please take care to read the instructions and take precautions that prevent abuse of these cleansing practices.

Never use enemas more often than recommended by either the instructions or your medical provider.

Regardless of what solution or application tool you prefer, the positions used to transfer the fluids from the bottle to your body are the same. Some will prefer a face-down application process, others will prefer to lie on their side while the enema is performed.

Once the solution is inside your body, you will feel the instinctive need to have a movement – pretty much immediately too. You do need to try to hold it in for at least a few minutes, to allow the enema time to do what you want it to do. If you can’t do it the first time, don’t worry – you’ll find your comfort zone and what works best for you with practice.

After you’ve had your movement, get the rest of your play arena cleaned up and ready to go, it’s time to find your inner anal angel!

How to Enjoy Anal Sex

Ok, so buttholes are pretty tight. It’s basically a valve for your body, and the incredible strength of the anal muscles are part of what make anal sex so fun – along with all of the excitingly sensitive nerves in the area.

However, that tightness can put a damper on your fun when it’s so tight you can’t seem to do anything else with it.

There are numerous ways to help make that sensational experience one that is fully accessible – so let’s get into the details of attaining penetration – in a fun and safe manner!

Anal Arousal

First step, you’re gonna want anal lube and a lot of it. It doesn’t matter even if you are a woman that gets really wet during play – you gotta give the anus a little extra attention if you want to continue reaping the rewards of fun anal sex.

At this stage, the type of lube you use is completely up to you and your finger of choice.

Find a comfortable position where you can easily reach your naughty bits and give your rim a good rinse with the lubricant.

Then, you can begin massaging and teasing these outer edges of your anus with your finger. Continue playing and teasing yourself on the rim until you’re aroused and ready to go further.

When you’re ready for a little internal stimulation, you can try inserting the tip of any finger that has a short and clean trimmed nail (prevent scratches, rips, or tears in your anal regions).

If you feel like you need more lubricant, go ahead and add more – but take care to pay attention to your body – if you begin to bleed you need to stop immediately and seek medical treatment.

You can play slowly at first, get yourself familiar with the sensations of that first moment of anal penetration (don’t worry, if you really, really like it, just pull out, wait a moment, and go again – it’s like instant replay on a pleasure button!), and then speed things up as you become more comfortable and experienced. You’ll begin to find out exactly what motions and angles work best for you this way.

Sizing Up/Anal Training

After getting a taste for what the world of anal sex play can bring, many will desire to take things to the next level. Be that your favorite toy or your favorite lover – that’s all up to you – but you’ll want to work your way up to anything that has a large girth. Your muscles and sensitive flesh can only take so much of any good thing, so use some sense with this.

One favorite option here to train your anus for larger penetrations is to make use of a set of butt plugs.

These are toys that have a tiny tip that expands as the shaft continues to the stem (there is a bit of a ‘popping’ or sudden tightening sensation at this point – don’t be shocked – you might even like it) and then ends in a platform of some sort that prevents you from ending up on one of those sex emergency shows in a specially recreated scene for all to admire.

Some even feature sexy attachments that you can learn about below!

Anal Sex Play – Safe and Sane Tips

When you’re ready for anal sex adventures with your partner(s), always use open communications, including safewords and discussions about the things you are absolutely not comfortable with.

Keep in mind that no matter how much we may love a particular kink or fetish – each person is prone to have different specific tastes – so talk things out and remember that everybody AND every body (yes, I’m looking at the stretching fans with this) has different limits. Start out slowly, and always keep plenty of lubrication nearby.

Due to the change in sensations beyond a few inches into the intestinal tract – pain from damage may feel entirely different than you might expect – be aware for sensations that might indicate something is going wrong, and if bleeding occurs at any time – stop and seek medical attention to ensure you can maintain your health.

If you are sharing anal toys be sure to cover the toys with condoms and change the condom between people to prevent the sharing of residues/bacteria/everything else.

Basic Anal Toy Guide

There are a variety of specialized anal toys in the sex industry, and here is a short rundown of the two most popular and most versatile styles for every anal sex encounter.

Popular Styles

  • Butt Plugs – These anal toys not only come in a beginners set, but also range in size and shape to offer a variety of pressure sensations while training your body to accept a larger girth.Some may also want to try to retain their butt plug for an extended time (not exceeding 4-5 hours at the longest). This is a popular choice amongst those who want to dabble in undercover styles of play, or among Masters challenging their favorite slave with the toy.These often feature decorations on the bottom of the base, including sparkling jewelry, fuzzy tails in different patterns, vibrating mechanisms, and more – all tailored to your personal tastes.
  • Anal Beads – These are a variety of toys that come in a bulbous or beaded rope type of style. This is created particularly for those who enjoy the above described ‘popping’ or tightening sensation once something has been inserted and has reduced dramatically in size. Some may also use these as a part of incognito play, punishment, or as a speed based arousal toy depending on personal preferences.


  • Silicone – Firm and reliable. Can be fully sanitized in most cases. Watch for fakes though, they are rampant – similar terms or terms including sili, sil, coni, cone, or other combinations do NOT mean a toy is actual silicone.
  • Jelly – Somewhat firm, with some to lots of give depending on the exact manufacturer and type of toy. May interact poorly with other toys or lubricants. Cannot be fully sanitized.
  • Metal – Firm, sanitary, and must be smooth. Easy to sanitize, but be cautious with chemicals and temperatures as different metals may have different reactions and heat holding times.
  • Wood – Firm material, must be body-safe coated for safety and sanitation reasons. Can come in a wax finish or polyurethane finish, be mindful of which – because wax will need replaced. Maintain your wood toys safely! Easily cleaned and can be fully sanitized.
  • Plastic/Rubber Variants – Soft to firm materials, some will be very porous, others will not be as porous. Some may interact with other materials or lubricants, so be sure to contact your manufacturer when you have doubts. It is always better to be safe than sorry with your sex toys, especially when they dip into regions that are bacterial hotspots.
  • Glass – When special, safe glass is used in toys, these are easy to clean and can be fully sanitized – just be VERY cautious!!

Lubricants for Anal Sex

  • Silicone – Not for use with silicone toys! However, these are great for most other toys and is especially wonderful for water play situations. This is a long lasting lubricant that will require soap and water for full removal from the body.
  • Water-based – Thinner lubricant, but still extremely effective and compatible with pretty much any toy out there! These lubes are especially fantastic for silicone toys, as it won’t cause any toy deterioration!
  • Oil/Petroleums – These can’t be used with condoms that are made of latex, so these are only recommended if you are in well known, clean and free of disease relationship(s). Things like coconut oil, petroleum jellies, and even olive oil have been claimed to be useful as cheap, household style lubricants. Take care to be aware of any possible allergies – you don’t want to cause a reaction!

Anal Toy Cleaning Methods

  • Soap and Water – can be used on most toys for a simple clean. This won’t work well to keep anal scents at bay for long, but will help. Good for toys that aren’t able to be boiled or bleached. Take care to keep any motors away from the water and never submerse your motorized toys – not all ‘water-proof’ seals are really that resistant and only imply safe use in certain internal situations. Best for jelly toys, most plastics, and quick cleans of non-porous toys.
  • 10% Bleach Dip – Great for properly coated woods and metals. Some plastics can handle a quick dip, but remember that all porous toys can never be fully sanitized – even after soaking in bleach – sometimes it’s better to invest in the firm-nonporous anal toys if you’re a super clean type.
  • Boiling Water – Perfect for silicone toys, will work for metals and glass when extra precautions are taken to deal with possible movement or breaking and temperature retention (boiled metal and glass retain heat for a long time) Some anal toys can even be washed in dishwashers with the sanitize option!

That covers most of the beginner’s information on how to have anal sex, the rest is up to you and your partner and the comfort zones you have established with each other. Keep your minds and your communication open and enjoy the newly opened world of anal sex adventure!