How to Use Butt Plugs

So, you’ve stumbled into the fascinating fetish world of anal play, and you may be curious as to just what in the world a butt plug is. Maybe a friend had one stashed in a drawer, maybe you saw one in a particular porno, or maybe just stumbled upon one in your explorations of the sexual aid aisle in your favorite corner store. You’ve come to the right place. There’s a lot to be learned in the arena of anal play and the use of butt plugs, so let’s dive right in! (Don’t forget the lube!)

What are butt plugs?


Butt plugs are a specific variety of anal toys. Often, they come in a slightly egg shaped shaft, with a narrow conical tip that widens incrementally down the length of the shaft and then narrows to a stem like area before ending with a platform (available in a variety of styles for comfort, pleasure, and more). The added feature of the platform is important because no one wants to have an embarrassing doctor’s visit when their toy is stuck inside them and blocking their normal functions. There are also variations in style and texture, as well as a variety of specific shapes and sizes – of course. And they each serve different interests and purposes.

Why use butt plugs?


Well, like everything in the kink and fetish world of sexual explorations – it’s all about personal preferences. If you find yourself to be curious, there are numerous ways to satisfy each and every desire you may have considered as interesting or arousing. These toys help you graduate from an anal noob to an anal angel, or may even transform you from a bratty submissive to Master’s good little slave, there’s a butt plug made for your pleasure of choice.


You may be drawn to the idea of working up to anal sex by using a set of butt plugs. That is basically the inspiration behind these toys, so you are definitely in the right place to prepare your body. There are numerous sets of plugs that come in a range of sizes, specifically intended for training your anus to the sensations, stretching, and pressures that occur during anal sex. This training (along with the use of clean, smooth butt plugs) helps prevent tearing of the inner walls of the rectum (super important – rips and tears can lead to infections – stop at the first sign of discomfort). Going slow with this sort of play is a top priority for safe and fun times. Start small and work your way up. Never forget to use sanitary practices, and always ensure your toys are body safe.


Once you’ve worked into things, you may notice that you really enjoy the sensations of anal play. This is where things can get a bit more interesting. Some may love to use their plug as a foreplay toy to heat things up. Others may like to wear their plug while playing to increase the amount of erotic sensations (great for when additional partners aren’t desired or available). There are even a variety of butt plugs that come with added decoration for your viewing pleasure. Tails, jewelry accents, and clear cones/sleeves are popular choices for a variety of kinksters. And some may desire to wear their butt plug as part of a way to be kinky undercover – much like those vibrating panties and remote controlled eggs. There are so many sensual and delightful applications for these toys, it’s all up to you and your comfort zones and hard limits (don’t forget local laws and regulations – better to be safe than sorry and separated in the local jailhouse waiting for a court date).

How to Use a Butt Plug


Alright, so now you know what butt plugs can be used for in general. Maybe you’re even more inspired to try it out yourself or with your partner of choice. Now, it’s time to get into the how-to of it. There are two important things to keep in mind here – preparing for clean anal play in general and starting out small and simple with all of your beginner anal toys and butt plugs.

Enemas or anal douches are easy ways to ensure an extra clean anal play experience. These are simply different terms for what amounts to a simple lower intestinal rinse or flush. The general method is to have a nuzzled bottle or bag of clean, warm water that is introduced in the rectum to stimulate a cleansing movement. This prevents things from getting messy in ways that aren’t so enjoyable.


Beginners will want to start out with toys that are small and extra smooth, as your anal arena is a delicate one with muscles that aren’t necessarily used to some of the pleasurable perversions that we see on screen or in our dirty dreams. So, grab your lube and get in the mood, it’s always better to be relaxed and ready when it comes to anal enjoyments.


Find a comfortable and rectal revealing position – butt up or both legs up are both good choices – comfortable access is what is important here. Start out with the smallest plug in your toy bag, and then get it and yourself good and wet with your favorite (and compatible) lubricant and begin the process by bringing the toy to your backdoor. Let the tip do the work and slowly – gently – increase pressure until you’re in. Don’t force the toy further if you feel like you’re hitting a wall, you’ll get to know the angles that work in time. Also, don’t worry if you have to stop before it’s all the way in – it can take time to ease your way up to it.


Once you do get to the point where you feel that slight ‘pop’ where the toy is all in (except the platform of course) don’t be surprised if you really like the flash of sensation. You can leave it there for a moment or two, or take some time to keep playing with your front side bits, and see how you feel. Try not to leave it in for very long the first time, as the muscles will need time to really adjust to this sort of movement and retainment. When you’re ready to take it out, remove the toy slowly at first, to get used to the feeling of removal. Some may even notice that they really like the removal sensation itself, and it’s okay to speed it up a bit (or slow it down as much as humanly possible depending on your tastes) as your body gets acclimated to it, there are plenty of kinksters that enjoy the change in speed.


Repeat over the next week or so, depending on how you’re feeling and then set the smallest toy aside and move up to the next size. From here on out, it’s rinse and repeat until you’ve found exactly what you’re looking for in your ‘plug’ and play experiences. Some recommend the injection of lubricants into the rectum as the toys become bigger, to help ease the removal and to generally improve the pleasure of the anal experience overall. Be sure to use safe lubricants and always pay attention to your comfort levels. When playing with your partner, always be open and vocal about the things you like or dislike, they can’t read your mind and know if they’re being too rough until it’s too late.

How long can a butt plug be left inside the body?


This particular question hasn’t had a lot of actual research performed to get a solid answer – at least there isn’t one that is easily found. It can be said however, that common sense and basic rules of sexual safety would indicate that it is better to keep maximum times of butt plug placement to under 5 hours. This helps prevent a lack of blood flow to your sphincter area. The platforms are wonderful for wear and retaining play, but can also put enough pressure – especially if sitting – on things to result in damage to the very parts we don’t want to destroy (at least not permanently if you get my gist). Even if you find that you are feeling fine and comfortable after hours of wearing a butt plug, it simply isn’t the best of ideas to push things too far. GIve your body breaks and keep reaping the possible pleasures that are made available by entering the world of anal play. Remember, keep it safe and sane, and enjoy every aspect of your body’s sexuality.