Electrify Your Pleasure: A Review of the Kinklab Neon Wand

 For this Neon Wand review, the lovely Leona (one of Strike.tv editors) choose to test the toy and share her experience with you, our readers:
Kinklabs Neon Wand is designed as an echo of electric ray wands, but it much lighter to handle, and has no moving parts, so it is sure to last longer. Since Kinklab has designed it in such a way that minimizes bulk and because it is a solid-state device, you can turn it upside down or experiment with various angles and movement during use without experiencing any unexpected change in the output of electrical current (or the sensation that comes along with it).
Inside the Kinklab Neon Wand kit box (see the image below), you’ll find four electrodes (also known as attachments) that can be used to procure a variety of sensations during your electrosex play. Attachments included in the kit: the Mushroom Tube, the Tongue Tube, the Electrode Comb, and the 90degree Probe. The box is sturdy black cardboard with a magnetic clasp closure and molded foam inserts to keep the glass electrodes safe when not in use. I recommend hanging onto the box for storage purposes.
     THE Neon Wand by Kinklab in its Box with All Four Included       Electrodes / Attachments
I shouldn’t have to say it, but I’ll say it anyhow: don’t use this with water on your skin, water on your hands, or anywhere near water. Got it? Good. Before you get started with the Neon Wand, make sure that you don’t use it for more than 30 minutes at a time (if you tend to lose track of time, it’s an excellent idea to set a timer to queue you).
Neon Wand Tech Specs for the Kinky, Geeky & Curious
Dimensions: 10 x 2 x 12 inches ; 8 ounces
Materials: Polyphenylene Vinylene (PPV) Plastic (wand itself), Copper Tube (internal), Glass Rods (electrode attachments)
Power: 10W
Working Frequency: 50 to 60 HZ
I began my own explorations of the Neon Wand with the Mushroom Tube attachment. I love how perfectly this attachment cups the entire nipple, how quickly my nipples get hard in response to the streaming electrical current, which is also a treat for the eyes to watch as it reacts with the chemicals inside the clear glass tube, producing purples and blues that, if anything, encourage one to push past initial doubts and discomforts and journey to the limitations of the Neon Wand and the limitations of one’s own comfort levels.
I started out slowly, on low, and then puttering about on medium for a few minutes, but the most of my play occurred at the Neon Wand’s maximum intensity setting.
It should be noted that using massage oil or body lotion on the skin prior to using the Neon Wand increases conductivity and, therefore, increases stimulation (and the potential for pain and discomfort, if that’s what you’re going for!).
The zap of electrical impulses is especially beautiful to watch when the Mushroom Tube is being used held apart from the skin—close enough to conduct current, yet far enough away that you get a more prickly, defined sensation, and a gorgeous stream of little squiggly electrical current jumping from the wand into the nipple and areola.
Certain areas are definitely more sensitive than others, and this will vary by person, as well as by what I can only assume to be other variables like mood, temperature, time of day, emotional state, etc (just like any kink or fetish play that traipses into the territory of sadomasochism).
I can barely stand it when the Mushroom Tube is run along the inside of my fingers or G-d forbid between them! Even worse when it’s pulled away a bit, instead of gliding against my skin, and it creates this zap that manages to make instant pain goosebumps form all over my body, and I want to scream, but laugh, too, and neither come out… my toes just curl and my pussy starts to gush.
Speaking of: LOVE how this feels against my clit and all around my vulva. The first time it was surprising, and caught me off guard, but then (like any good masochist) I started to get curious about it and crave it, yearn for it even.
Places that I have no desire to ever feel the Mushroom Tube again? (Except, that’s not really how the masochist in me feels…) The inside of my knees, all around the medial malleolus (inner ankle), the tops of my toes (the bottom of my feet and toes doesn’t seem to bother me much), the crook of my elbow, anywhere along my wrist or the inside of my forearm.
I kind of like the sensation around my collar bones and neck. Intrigued to hell and back with the electrical impulses all around my breasts, and by how much more it seemed to “bite” between my breasts than focused on just one part of one. My abdomen is sensitive to it, almost ticklish, but the zaps make me jump.

Kinklabs Neon Wand

To create a zap on your partner (or yourself), start with the Neon Wand touching the skin (though be mindful to not leave it in the same area for more than ten consecutive seconds per the instruction manual), preferably on the lowest setting, and then gently and slowly pull it away from the skin until you see the electrical current jumping between. This is incredible fun to do in the dark!

I wish that the turn-dial was in a more convenient location, but I figure with over 20 years of research and product development, there’s probably a very good reason for it to be exactly where it is. It takes some grace and finesse (and lots of practice) to not get too tangled up in the cord and learn how to avoid the power cord entirely when adjusting the intensity of the Neon Wand’s power.

The Mushroom Tube teases my inner thighs, and it gives me the impulse to spread my legs and just get pounded with a good, hard fucking. Sorry to be so vulgar, but that’s just how it is, folks! It makes me feel insatiable.

Maybe I’m that way already (there’s a good chance), but this ElectroErotic toy certainly doesn’t affect my libido in a negative sense at all… if anything, it heightens my pleasure, my lust, my yearning and my own experience of my desire.

My other not-so-favorite part about the Neon Wand is the noise level. It is very zappy and a bit buzzy sounding… definitely heard through a closed door, so you need a good quiet space with your partner to use this beaut, or be prepared for questions later!

Music doesn’t seem to muffle the wand much because the sound is so unique, and what I can only assume to be such a different frequency and timbre than most music.

It is also smelly. Smelly like negative ions, which most of us, in this day and age, associate with a clean house (thanks to all those air purifiers that are constantly churning negative ions out into the room).

Curious enough, the smell of the negative ions gets all over your skin (or the skin of the person that you use the Neon Wand on). It does not seem to get on the hands or skin of the “giver” and even rubbing your hands copiously over the surfaces of your lover’s body that have been treated to the electrical discharge of the Neon Wand doesn’t make the scent transfer to you.

It’s worth noting, too, that the wand is incredibly lightweight for what it is, non-bulky, relatively easy to maneuver, and incredibly easy to work with for long periods of time without fatigue (even for those with arthritis or carpal tunnel, etc).

It has ridges which can be used as finger grips, and the wand stays firmly in-hand for maximum wield-ability. Hee. Sounds silly, but it’s true!

One of the fun things with the wand is experimenting to find what angles work best for you, for your partner, and to see the variety of sensation (both pain and pleasure and that delicious liminal space between) that you can create. It’s a whole different kind of painting, and gives an entirely new meaning to light saber.

The Mushroom Tube is excellent at giving your lover a few (or many) zaps on the ass to get them moving faster or more proficiently, whatever the task at hand; it’s a great motivator! It sends some kind of impulse to the brain that it’s time to get going and do things right—at least that’s how it works when my ass gets zapped!

Sliding it along my ass yields a sensation similar to being caressed by fingers and tongue… I’m amazed at how human this alien electronic Electro-Erotic Kinklab wonder truly feels in contact with my body.

It’s astounding, difficult to describe, and even harder to comprehend—and all that makes me want to play with it more and more and more!

The Tongue Tube offers a more intense experience, in general, than the Mushroom Tube, because the electrical discharge is not spread out as much.

Since the Tongue Tube iis more focused  with a narrower tip and less surface area, the charge is less spread out, yielding a more intense sensation. However, the most intense sensation from the attachments included in the Neon Wand Kit can be found with use of the 90degree Probe.

The larger the surface area of an attachment, the greater the distribution of the charge over a larger area of skin, and the milder the resultant sensation.

The Electrode Comb is a strange attachment because it combines the pinpointed intensity of a small surface area attachment (like the 90degree Probe, for example), yet has nine different points that contact the skin and transmit the electrical discharge of the Neon Wand.

This makes it more intense and less intense at once, both stronger and weaker. It’s stronger because there are multiple, small contact points, yet because they are all connected, the overall charge being conducted is spread over a wider area of skin and distributed evenly, creating a milder effect in some sense, as well.

That said, the Electrode Comb keeps me on my feet and keeps me guessing. I’m not yet quite as fond of it as I am of the other attachments because it looks scarier, and I’m more squeamish around it.

The Electrode Comb is especially fun to use after body lotion has been applied to the skin of the lucky (or not-so-lucky) masochist, because the neon colors intensify with the increased conductivity. It’s just so gosh-darn pretty to look at.

I don’t know why I’ve spent so much of my life wishing to see the Aurora Borealis (and trying to chase it down), when I could have been spending those hours playing with a Neon Wand and beyond content.

Yes, I just compared Kinklab’s Electro-Erotic Neon Wand Kit to the oh-so-beautiful and sacred experience of glimpsing the Northern Lights. Have a different opinion? I want to hear about it!

The Electrode Comb feels more ticklish and teasing between my fingers and even on my toes and the places that I dread for the Mushroom Tube attachment to go.

However, it is more intense (verging on painful) across the surface of my breasts. And depending on how your partner angles the Neon Wand (or how you do), you can end up with anywhere from one to nine contact points with the Electrode Comb, widely altering the sensation given and received.

It gets me the most over my breasts, or between my shoulder blades. Just typing that made chills (or electrical impulses, perhaps?!) rush up my spine. Shiver.

On the rest of my body, the Electrode Comb feels like a generous massage (somewhat along the way that a masochist can relax into a session with a TENS unit or a rhythmic flogging, even though the sensation and mechanism of such are completely different, of course.

I do experience some continuity in the way that my body processes the sensation and does some kind of magical alchemy to turn it into pleasure and a dripping cunt. Yum.

With body lotion applied to my skin beforehand, the Electrode Comb (on the highest setting of the Neon Wand) feels nearly twice as vicious! I’m not even sure I would have labeled it vicious before. I’m excited and nervous as hell to try it out with massage oil, for some reason I feel like that will intensify it more still and yield more pain.

And a point of note, Lovelies: body lotion need not be applied to the entire body before play. Rub it into your lover’s breasts or his chest, or across the ass cheeks.

One spot is plenty.

The Neon Wand, in my trials, seems to pick up the additional conductivity (maybe some of the lotion, too? Who knows…) and the intensity continues to remain heightened on parts of the body that were un-lotioned.

Into pussy torture? The Electrode Comb will be your best friend. Into nipple/breast torture? Allow the Electrode Comb to glide ever so gently across the surface of the nipple at an angle upward so that one of its “teeth” makes contact at a time, as you slide it over the skin.

Go back over the same area, but the second time, lift the Electrode Comb away from the surface of the breast (after beginning with the end “tooth” of the comb touching the nipple), and watch the sparks fly and your masochist squeal as you follow through with the remaining eight teeth of the nine-toothed Electrode Comb. Eeep! (but the good kind, I think.)

They say that originally the Electrode Comb was marketed with early 20th Century electric ray wands to stimulate hair growth, of all things! It does feel tingly and strange across the scalp, kind of yummy, but a bit unsettling, too, if that makes any sense (at least on my body… YMMV, of course).

I should say that I’ve seemed to procure a few electrical burns whilst playing with the Neon Wand and body lotion. It DOES increase the conductivity and sensation-level.

That is for sure.

To minimize burns, or if you have sensitive skin, avoid lingering in the same area for more than ten seconds, wear a thin layer of gauzy clothing between you and the Neon Wand and stay away from massage oils and body lotions which will make everything more intense and less kind to sensitive bodies and sensitive bits.

The Electrode Comb doesn’t seem to do much on my feet, but it still makes me jump a bit when it zaps my inner ankles. It creates this crazy rush inside of me when it’s used to zap my inner thighs or the soft tender flesh on the inside of my knees or even behind them.

THE Neon Wand by Kinklab with Included Attachments Out of its Box. Starting from the upper left: 90degree Probe, Tongue Tube, Electrode Comb, Mushroom Tube, Neon Wand itself.


Out of the four attachments (The Electrode Comb, the Mushroom Tube, the 90degree Probe, and the Tongue Tube), the Tongue Tube is my most loathed, and loved.

Zapping me with the Neon Wand with Tongue Tube attachment anywhere around the knee is enough to make my legs start to buckle and give out from under me.

Pinpointed across my breasts just weakens me all the more and makes me that much more wet.

If I was one to safeword while reviewing toys, I may have safeworded after feeling the Tongue Tube zap my ass over and over and over again… but it was too good.

The lower back is a great spot to target with the Tongue Tube and remember, any time you want to decrease the strength of the electricity across your skin, you can angle the attachment so that more of the glass is in contact with your skin (and a larger area of skin, too) at once, or ask your partner nicely to do the same for you.

For instance, using the flat length of the Tongue Tube is delicious and tingly, even on the highest setting of the Neon Wand, but not anywhere near what I would classify as painful or difficult to bear.

Using the full length of the Tongue Tube’s tip has an entirely different, stronger feel, and pinpointing it so that only the very tip of the Tongue Tube makes contact with your skin or your partner’s will produce the strongest sensation of those three usage options.

Now is a great time to point out how fragile the attachments are. They are super delicate. Always use care when handling them, especially when inserting them into the base of the Neon Wand or removing them (which you should always do with the Wand turned completely off, by the way, and it doesn’t hurt to unplug it either).

For longevity, it’s best to store the attachments in the included cushy foam Neon Wand Kit box… there’s a handy little slot for each one so they can all stay safe. If you do find yourself in a position where you need to ship this, I recommend wrapping each attachment in bubble pack inside the kit case, between the foam, or using another soft packing material to fill in the extra space in addition to making sure that the actual outer shipping box is snug and marked fragile!

I think I figured out why the Tongue Tube is called the Tongue Tube, by the by. So… I thought I was near my breaking point feeling it being run along my slit, from my clit to my ass, whether gliding or held away and zappy, I just couldn’t seem to handle it well.

All the while of course, a smile was spreading on my face and my pussy was gushing happily. While the Tongue produces a searing pain that feels akin to being sliced open when run against my slit, it is heaven on my clit. Seriously… satori. Instant enlightenment. No joke.

It brought me to orgasm again and again, and again, but I had to remind myself I was using an electrical device that’s not water friendly and pull back and turn it off before I started squirting—and that was just from clitoral stimulation (of course, after a good lengthy session being teased and tortured with the Neon Wand all over my body, and I do mean all over).

I’m a happy girl. Gosh… if you want a litmus test to know whether you or your partner is actually a masochist at heart, the Neon Wand, part of Kinklab’s Electro-Erotic line, will take you there. If you take good care of it, the possibilities for play (and punishment) are endless!

Care & Feeding: Attachments/electrodes can be sterilized by wiping them down with 75 percent (or greater) isopropyl alcohol. However, DO NOT turn on the Wand until the alcohol has fully evaporated.

Every part of me is excited to start to explore the realm of additional accessories and attachments like Kinklab’s Power Tripper attachment, which allows you to make your partner tingle literally  with each touch, caress, or kiss from your tongue or fingertips.

It sounds too awesome to not try. The Power Tripper is definitely in my future, and should be available for purchase soon. If anyone wants to get me a present… it was just my birthday, you know! Teehee.

My mind is already spinning, thinking about the possibilities of using the Neon Wand in tandem with that lovely bamboo rope with copper wire running through it… but then I’d need to hire a professional photographer to capture the pretty marks… maybe when I get my pain tolerance up a little more and become a little more familiar with the Neon Wand.

I’m dreaming, and I’m loving every second of it.