LELO Bob Review

LELO Bob Prostate Massager Review

LELO Bob is an anal probe/plug which LELO markets as a “gentleman’s toy”. They designed it to be a prostate probe.

Right away this was something that bothered me about the toy.

Anal toys are perfectly acceptable for women as well and I feel like by marketing it as a “gentlemen’s toy” that LELO is discouraging women from trying a product that could work just fine for them.

Anyway, let me tell you about Bob. Lelo Bob is a pretty small anal toy, which is one reason that I really was interested in it because anal is something I struggle with and most toys feel too large.

Bob is 3.75” long and only 1.25” at its widest point.

Bob is made of very firm silicone at the head and the circular handle/base of the toy, but its flexible for about a half inch between the those two points.

The toy also has a fairly dramatic curve as it was intended for prostate stimulation.

 Bob starts with a slight point the quickly widens and then thins out dramatically.

I love this, because the extremely thin stem of the toy and the wider head makes it incredibly easy to hold in as a plug.

One complaint I have though is the inscription of the word LELO.

It is really easy for lube to get caught in the lettering here and is difficult to clean.

The rest of the toy is easy to clean being pure silicone, non porous, phalate free, and able to be cleaned with soap and water, boiling for three minutes, or the top rack of the dishwasher.

When I used it, I found it to be extremely comfortable. It was the first anal plug I’ve ever been able to insert comfortably and wear for an extended period of time (which for me is like an hour).

The firm silicone made the toy known, but the small size and the thin stem made it really easy for me to hold in.

I found this to be a wonderful  anal toy for beginners.

I have a love/hate relationship with the handle of this toy.

I love how easy it is to slip my finger through the loop and grip it for insertion and slow thrusting.

I also love to swing it around on my finger for entertainment. The loop is relatively small however and though it is firmer silicone and not very flexible

I fear it getting pushed up inside of me. That has yet to happen even sitting or walking around, but it is a slight concern of mine.

Overall, I love this toy and think it is wonderfully fun.

It worked out fantastic for me in trying again to explore anal play.

My male partner however, did not find it as stimulating for him, though he is used to larger anal toys. This toy gets my stamp of approval for anyone, male, female, or otherwise awesomely identified, who is looking for a small comfortable toy for anal insertion or prolonged wear.

As well as anyone who wants a sex toy they can spin around on their finger for entertainment.