Lelo Hugo Review : the Male Toy the Promises Mind-Blowing Hands-Free Orgasms

LELO Hugo Review

As the market and demand for male sex toys increased tremendously in the last years, we explored the world of naughty male toys and spoke to our friends just to give you the not-so-raunchy details of the best male sex toy.

Thanks to our research, we bring you an exceptional addition to your collection – Lelo Hugo Prostate Massager.

If you and your partner have been looking for that one sex toy to rock your world (having been disappointed by most of your past purchases), you may want to try Lelo Hugo, a hands-free prostrate vibrator that promises to rock your world. We are talking a small naughty anal toy that will pop your cherry making your sex life the best you’ve ever experienced.

What is LELO HUGO exactly?

Well, Lelo Hugo Prostate Massager is one of a kind wireless and remote-controlled prostate vibrator. It’s completely hands-free save for the free hand that controls the remote control once you have the vibrator in your prostate.

This massager will blow your mind, and since you can wear it all day long, you can look forward to the kinkiest and the most erotic experience of your life.

And since our team has been keeping away from the old toys, it was a relief to note that this toy isn’t another silicone stick that you shove up your ass only when you are in the mood, the ones you lose interest in after a week, Lelo Hugo, in our book, falls in the luxury toys category.

 You can use it for partnered play or masturbation, and the effects are out of the world; all thanks to neat technological features.

You could think of it as your customised hand-held robot.

You’re probably thinking: it promises a lot, but, what makes it that powerful?



Features of the Lelo Hugo Prostate Massager

  • Dual Vibrators or motors

We mentioned that this medium-sized toy would turn your life around and you probably wondered how. Well, our promise isn’t mere speculation – this toy, one of Lelo’s masterpieces has two motors (two vibrators) which work in unison sparking massive and full-body orgasms.

One of the motors targets the angled shaft and the second one targets the perineal arm for external stimulations.

At its highest setting, you can even feel the vibrations down your thighs and your abdomen.

  • L-Shaped Design

Everything you see on this vibrator is a design feature aimed at enhancing your sexual experiences.


The L-Shape of the external arm is a lot more flexible than the inner arm which is a lot more rigid. The flexibility and the rigidity of the arms give better stimulation of the perineum.

You can feel so much satisfying pressure once you insert the main shaft, with the perineal arm resting over the perineum.

The massager’s insertable length is 3.5 inches, and it has a 4-inch girth.

  • It’s made using medical-grade silicone

For your safety and value for money, this vibrator comes with a medical-grade silicone that has a velvety and an ultra-smooth finish. This is easy to clean and skin-friendly.

You don’t want to question your decisions by getting something that hurts your skin or predisposes you to disease, do you?

And, can we all agree that the latex toys are a pain! Can you imagine all the friction that will result when using lube?

Well, this high-grade silicone material doesn’t have those unfortunate and annoying features.

The best part is that the silicone material is also used on the remote that doubles as the external stimulator capable of giving you’re the same stimulatory and vibratory pattern as the massager.

We’d also like to mention that this toy is waterproof – this is a big plus for all of us who prefer some hot action in the shower – it doesn’t matter how hot and steamy the shower is, Lelo Hugo prostate massager will leave you refreshed and utterly relaxed after a long day at work.

  • Appearance

Under the silky smooth silicone is an AB plastic base with Lelo’s insignia. And, there’s also a small cap next to the insignia hiding the charging port.

SenseMotion Technology – Vibrational patterns

As mentioned above, this is a snazzy toy feature-packed with some of the best technological features. The SenseMotion Technology feature is one of these features! It lets you interact with the massager through movements only.

Wondering what makes this so special?

Well: what do you think about increasing and decreasing the vibrational speed of this toy just by tipping it?

Yes, you heard it right, you don’t have to press buttons when you’re rising above the clouds! Oh, this feature is completely optional, so if you don’t feel it or if you prefer going slow, the preprogrammed functions will do the work.

Preprogrammed Functions

The alternative to the SenseMotion Technology, these settings are accessible through three buttons on both sides of the remote. With the controls, you can increase or decrease the vibrational speeds as you learn what tickles your senses best. We recommend the use of these settings by newbies.

The other fascinating fact about the control functions is that you can use them independent of the SenseMotion technological feature making it your sole pleasure controller.

The controls also give you 12 vibrational intensities which will provide you with the biggest O of your life.

  • Batteries and charging

First off, we love that you don’t have to use AA or AAA batteries as they are often unsafe. The toy comes with reliable rechargeable batteries which makes them earth friendly.

This means that you only need a USB cable for charging – just plug it is, and you’re good to go once it’s fully charged. When charging, it emits a small flashing red light, but the light is solid when fully charged.

Once charged, you can use it for at least 3 hours (well, not literally) translating to about 4 fulfilling sessions. Regardless of the frequency of use, the toy’s performance will not reduce.

To boost its battery life, don’t let the power drain all the way down. Since the charging light is under the silicone material, you can only tell that it’s fully charged if the room is dark.

  • The Remote

2 AAA batteries power this. To remove the cover, you have to use the plastic key supplied; twisting the cover with a coin will also work.

How does Lelo Hugo feels?

Thanks to the use of high-grade and medically safe silicone rather than latex, this massager are smooth, and it glides into the body effortlessly.

There’s hardly any friction felt and using lube of your choice enhances the experience.

Thanks to its design and ease of control, pleasure builds up from the time it’s on its lowest setting to the time you hit the highest vibrational intensity.

The power of this massager will give you a warmth that spreads down your thighs and by the time you hit the maximum intensity, your hips will be writhing uncontrollably thanks to the intense pleasure bolts form Lelo Hugo.

From our studies and the experiences of people we’ve spoken to, you don’t have to rush to the highest setting for an orgasm, and the best bit is that it isn’t painful.

The only catch is that inexperienced users may find the bulge bigger than expected though some lube will help.

How to use it

First off, be prepared for endless possibilities presented by the toy thanks to its wireless and one-handed handling.

We don’t want to go deep into the details but, once it’s in, tilt the remote to increase the vibrations – at 90 degrees, it’s at its highest speed, and when you lay it down flat, the speed drops to its lowest.

To go to the second SenseMotion mode, you can press the middle button. Here, you’ll need to shake the remote – how fast or slow you shake it determines the intensity of the vibrations. Everything will vibrate, and you’ll know the right setting and preferred intensity. Note that the ‘Shake’ function works best when masturbating.

Note that you should only use a water-based lube. Lelo has some of the best.

For the best effects, use it when lying on your back with your legs flat – this pushes the toy further up the rectum pushing the tip of the vibration to the perfect spit. This position also gives the perineum vibrator maximum contact with the bottom of the ball sack.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The prostate massager is 100 percent waterproof so you can use it in the shower or bath for all the fun you’ve been dreaming about. What this means is that cleaning your Lelo Hugo is a breezy affair – you only need to rinse it with warm or hot water and an antibacterial sex toy cleaner (or a mild body soap) before you dry it thoroughly before storage.

Before wetting it, ensure that the charging port is secure. To store it safely and hygienically, you need to use a silk storage bag. It should be big enough to hold the toy, the key as well as the remote. If possible, get the one that fits the USB cable too.

Where you can buy it from :

We recommend getting it from Lovehoney, one of the official distributors.


We know that you’re trying out new things and this prostate massager may not work for you, but despite its imperfections, some of its features are pretty solid.

Just think about it – a sex toy that gives you the best P-Spot Stimulation and one that has the best and the most relaxing anal vibration. How about the well-built and safe design and materials used or the remarkable range of vibrations? Or the waterproof design? It also comes with a 10-year warranty!

Though it costs more than other set toys, it’s a worthy investment for your suffering sex life. The orgasms that await are worth anything to any man.