Invite Liquid Silk to Your Next Pleasure Romp!

 Love the feel of silicone lube, but want to protect your silicone sex toys? Are you a water-based fan, but allergic to glycerin or just prefer to avoid it in your personal lubricant products? Liquid Silk is for you! Thanks to Kama Sutra Closet for sending me this lube to review.

It’s a creamy blend that feels as luscious between your legs as it does on your fingers. Though it’s white in the bottle, it turns clear upon application, so no worries there. Liquid Silk wasn’t cold upon application, like so many of the lubes I’ve tried. Instead, it was soft against my tender bits and gave me that perfect glide.

I used it first when I wasn’t really “in the mood” and found out quickly that Liquid Silk must have some kind of superpower. It gets me there. No matter if I was jilling off at a leisurely pace, or furiously fucking myself, my orgasms were multiplied in quantity and quality. Holy… yes, please! Its formula accentuates touch and makes me oh-so-sensitive in all the right ways. But it’s not so slippery that your toys will slip right out of your hand, or pop out of you once you get them inserted. On that note, it’s great for strap-ons and real cocks, too.

Fucking and friction don’t wear this lube out. Liquid Silk is long-lasting and just a little dab gives you generous use without re-application needed. If you’re into super sexxions, you may need to reapply around the hour mark, just to keep things nice and juicy.

I love that it’s condom-safe and glycerin-free, and that it doesn’t get tacky or sticky like most water-based lubes on the market. Liquid Silk stayed wet and… well, silky, throughout my playtime.

It’s easy to wash off of toys or skin with warm water and mild soap, making clean-up a piece of cake. However, take note, lovelies: Liquid Silk is not to be eaten! I don’t think anything terrible will happen to you, but it will be sour and icky on your tongue. Taste something else, if you must, just don’t put this stuff in your mouth!

If I could improved Liquid Silk, I’d make a palatable, edible version. Then again, part of the reason I like it is that it’s not going to give you yeast infections! Hooray for them to avoid the commonly used lubricant ingredients that most often promote yeast growth. To keep my body healthy and happy, I’ll gladly sacrifice the fake candy flavoring any day.

The 50 ml bottle is tiny enough to tuck nicely into your purse for some sexpionage, while the 250 ml pump-top bottle makes a great bedside table staple!

Again, if you’re tired of the same old routine where water-based lube is concerned, and need to avoid silicone because of toy-compatibility, check out Liquid Silk. It’s one of the best hybrid lubes that I’ve had the pleasure of trying out.

You can get your own here at Kama Sutra Closet! Make sure to check out their other wonderful, body-friendly products, too!
If you decide to invite Liquid Silk into your bed, let me know how you like it, and how it compares to other lubes that you favor! I’d love to hear from you!
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