Male G-Spot

Guess What!

Males have a g-spot too!

You’re actually probably already familiar with the male g-spot without even knowing it. Let’s try this… you might recognize it more easily as the prostate (yeah, I know…typically associated with that exam after a certain age – but the prostate can be incredibly fun too!). No matter what you want to call it, the male g-spot is more than what you might think and it can help bring your orgasms and sexual play sessions to a whole new level! Who’s ready to get down and dirty with a different flavor of male stimulation?

What Is It?

The g-spot found in men is quite different in comparison to the female g-spot that you might be more familiar with. Not only is the male g-spot accessed through the back door – it also has multiple jobs inside your body. The easiest way to explain what it does is to compare it to a sort of internal intersection. Instead of drivers and walkers, this intersection guides and directs semen and urine – ensuring they don’t mix and cause an unfortunate traffic jam.

Still doesn’t sound sexy? Try adding in the fact that the prostate is actually the central source of all male orgasms, and toss in the idea that you’ve only been toying with the surface of the orgasms you can have. This little organ has all the pleasure nerves and is what triggers that final, shuddering, awe-inspiring O. Add everything up,

How Do I Find It?

The exact location of the male g-spot might seem to be a bit of a mystery (actually, this probably applies to both the male and female g-spots) – especially at first when you are still getting the hang of things. The reason behind this is that your body structure is different than body structure of the guy next to you. The exact position of the g-spot in any human will vary somewhat. Thankfully there are a few general rules that you can easily follow when you are trying to find your g-spot for the first time.

The male prostate:

  • Sits under the male’s bladder
  • Is between 2 to 4 inches inside the rectum
  • Sits above the taint (that sensitive skin between your testes and your anal opening)
  • Will be to the front of the body (think ‘toward’ the belly button)


The prostate can typically be found 2-4 inches (half a finger to a full finger is the general idea) past the anal opening. Then, it’s a matter of gently stroking around the anal wall that is to the front side of the body. What’s important to remember here is that you want to direct the (gentle!) pressure toward the front of the body (basically in the direction of the belly button). Another important point is that the your prostate will be easier to find when you are aroused. While you’re applying that gentle, back and forth stroking pressure to the anal wall in the right location, you should feel a sort of lump – about the size of a walnut. Just like the penis, the prostate will get harder and more noticeable as your (or your male partner’s) orgasm creeps closer and closer to the peak. Don’t worry if you can’t find the male g-spot at first, just relax and keep playing around until you do find it.

Prostate Massage Guide

So, male g-spot stimulation is obviously one of those things that you will need to warm up to. For anyone that is shy about anal play, this applies to both your mentality as well as your body. If you’re curious but unsure, no worries – you can go as slowly as you like – it’s all up to you!

As with all anal play, you will need to be sure to start out with small toys (or your fingers – gloves are fun and kinky too!) and slowly work your way up to anything bigger if you feel like it. Be sure to have plenty of lube on hand to make the sensations even more enjoyable. It may feel like a bore to go slow, but, once you get a taste of the amazing orgasms that prostate stimulation can provide, you’ll realize that the extra attention is more than worth it. Also as a note, you can be completely and totally heterosexual AND enjoy prostate play. You don’t have to share your affection for it with the world (or even any play partners if you so choose), so have no worries – your sexual business is exactly that – YOUR business … well… And your pleasure of course. Now, for the easiest path to male g-spot stimulation, keep reading – there’s more to learn!

Exterior Access

If you’re really not into or not ready for full on anal penetration, but are still very much interested in experiencing a better orgasm – no worries – you can still massage your prostate without the penetration. If you recall, the prostate sits just above the taint, right? The taint is a very sensitive area, and for good reason. It is full of nerves that don’t get a lot of attention (as of yet anyway) and is connected to the prostate and all of its orgasmic glories. For a simple experiment you can do yourself – try cupping your hand around your testes and rubbing your taint (pattern and pressure to be determined by ‘repeated’ experiments – no judgement here) as you get closer to orgasm. Find out what works best for you and then if you want, share the technique with your partner – so you can enjoy the extra arousal together. It won’t be quite the same intensity as full on male g-spot stimulation, but it does offer a nice balance for those less interested in anal hijinks.

Internal Prostate Play

If you’re ready for the full on orgasmic blast from a prostate massage, it’s time to figure out how to get it done right. Again, this might feel like a lot of extra work and dedication, but you will not be sorry for a single moment of the preparation it takes. First up, it’s time to clean out. For the cleanest anal play, you’ll want to begin with an enema (or an anal douche). Basically, this helps you make a quick bowel movement and adds a rinse factor to help keep the gross factor to a minimum. Then, you’ll want to grab your favorite lube and get into the mood. Find a position that allows you (or your partner) to reach your back door. If using your finger, try reaching your hand between your legs to allow the pad of your finger to find the prostate instead of the nail side. You don’t want to scratch your insides! Once you have found the little lump of unexpected pleasure (don’t forget to let your partner know when they’re hitting the right spot), experiment with levels of pressure and patterns of movement until you hit that ultimate orgasm combo.

Prostate Massager(s)

Once you’ve had that oh-so-fulfilling orgasm and are aching for the next excuse to reach the peak again, you can even look into introducing another kind of male g-spot stimulation toy to your bedroom. The basic prostate massager and the vibrating prostate massager are both wonderful options that are widely available in hundreds of styles. From simple straight wands with curved tips for perfect positioning and pressure to insertable toys that attach to a cockring for longer lasting and more intense play sessions; from stacked bead anal plug style toys that give you perfect control over the penetration to vibrating remote operated that give your partner ultimate control over your orgasm – you can find the prostate massager toy that is perfect for your deepest desires.

Prostate Milking and Related Kinks

On the off-chance that you’ve heard of prostate milking, there are many that simply think of this as another term for prostate massage. While this is true overall, there are also those that will use this specific phrase due to their interest in additional kink(s) – chastity, ruined orgasms and denied orgasms. Chastity play and ‘tease/ruin/deny’ play are popular forms of play, and if you often find yourself with those inescapable ‘blue balls’ and feel like you’re about to burst with the orgasmic backup – prostate massage or ‘prostate milking’ is the perfect way to keep your fluids flowing. In fact, you’re helping your health – build up of unreleased ejaculate can encourage infections and other unpleasant effects.

Safety Tips

  • DO NOT massage your prostate if you have an infection (‘prostatitis’ in particular). This can spread infection and cause complications.
  • DO clip and file your fingernails when massaging ANY sensitive areas (external or internal).
  • DO NOT play rough with the male g-spot.
  • DO use water-based lubes with condoms, gloves, and silicone toys.
  • DO NOT use silicone based lubes with condoms, gloves, or silicone toys.
  • DO communicate openly and honestly with your partner.
  • DO NOT surprise your partner with a prostate massage without talking to them about it (everyone’s ideas of sexy and arousing is different)

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