The Eroscillator 2 Plus: Gentle & Intense All At Once

  The Eroscillator 2 Plus is an amazing piece of technology, and I’m glad that it exists. I’m ashamed to say I’ve procrastinated on writing this review, but that’s because I wanted to give you my true opinion of The Eroscillator. Since it’s so different than any other vibrator out there, it takes some getting […]

Urethral Sounding

Beginner’s Guide To Urethral Sounding   What Is Urethral Sounding? Urethral sounding might sound a bit crazy to some of you. I know the face I made when I heard about it 15 years ago was one of confusion and curiosity. Yours was probably similar. Or not, depending on how open minded you might be. […]

Ruined Orgasm

  What is a ruined orgasm? Ruined orgasm? That doesn’t exactly sound fun! Well, it really can be fun, especially if used repeatedly (on both males and females). The basic idea behind ruining an orgasm is to reduce those overwhelming sensations of orgasmic pleasure to a tiny trickle of a tease that results in only […]