Fox Tail Butt Plug

  Who wants a fox tail? These fuzzy fox tail butt plugs aren’t just for the people that are interested in furries (more often known for wearing a full costume). Maybe sometimes you just want a little extra flair and that sense of feeling…well,… foxxxy. And there is no better way to achieve full foxiness […]

Fleshjack Review

  Fleshjack Basics What Exactly Is A Fleshjack In The First Place? Well, it’s only one of the biggest hits on the market of male masturbatory aids. This particular branding comes from the more well known name of Fleshlight. You know, those ‘pocket pussies’ you’ve heard about – or even found in a friend’s or […]

Coconut Oil Lube

Is Coconut Oil Safe To Use As Lube? Maybe you’ve been wondering, can you use coconut oil as lube? It’s natural…. Right?   Yes! You can use coconut oil as a sexual lube just like you can use it to moisturize any other part of your body (so long as you aren’t allergic to coconuts […]

How to Use Cock Rings

What are Cock Rings? These sexy toys are small and (often, but not always) stretchy cock sized rings that go around the base of your penis – or sometimes go around your whole package. These fun little rings come in a variety of styles, colors, textures, and can have multiple purposes and attachments for even […]

Cat Tail Butt Plug

  Cat Tails For Your Butt The cat tail butt plugs are one of the cutest anal toys on the market today. If you’ve ever felt like you should have been a cat, or wanted to see what you might look like with an adorable cat tail, or if you’ve ever wanted to spice up […]

Anal Hook

Anal Hook Reviews Beaded Anal Hook Review A beaded anal hook is an amazing fetish toy for anyone that welcomes the BDSM scene with anal play into their bedroom or dungeon. To begin with, the three hard metal bulbs are made for penetration and grow in size with each bulb. The first bulb of the […]

Anal Enema

Enemas (aka Anal Douches) and Cleansing How-To     When you first think of a rear end, you don’t really think of how clean it is – quite the opposite right? Well, because butt play is considered good fun by plenty of people with all sorts of interests – humans had to figure out how […]

Anal Beads

  What Are Anal Beads? Anal beads are another variety of anal sex toys. These crafty little creations are great for beginners and advanced anal players alike because these anal toys are extremely versatile and come in every size and shape you could ever desire. The general idea behind the construction of anal beads is […]

How to Prepare for Anal Sex

Welcome to your basic online guide to safe and satisfying anal sex. Somehow, somewhere, you’ve found yourself interested by the concept of anal play, either through your partner begging you to try it for the first time, through a never seen before porno genre experimentation, or through your own bodily explorations of your natural inclinations […]