Anal Hooks

A beaded anal hook is an amazing fetish toy for anyone that welcomes the BDSM scene with anal play into their bedroom or dungeon. To begin with, the three hard metal bulbs are made for penetration and grow in size with each bulb. The first bulb of the anal hook is nicely sized, and the widest point of the largest bulb is about an inch and a half in diameter. Every bulb is separated by an extreme and sudden dip to a thin, narrow shaft, and are very tightly spaced together. This provides the most intense sensations for those who truly adore that sudden tightening sensation that only a small selection of anal toys can truly offer.

However, those sinister details are next to nothing on the list of incredible torments that we kinksters can love and hold dear, because in addition to that beautifully bulbous penetration point – this anal hook features a tight, fitting curve for your body, which allows the long, continuously metal hook shaft to stretch up and around and toward your back – allowing for maximum security and sensation as the cold (or gently heated) metal presses into the sensitive flesh in the low of your spine.

On top of everything else, this deviously sexy beaded anal hook features a loop at the top of the shaft, for the addition of ropes and ties that your Master or Mistress can attach for additional bondage based fun. Take for instance this next scene: The first cold, metal bulb pushes its way through your tight, well lubed anal opening with barely a tickle. You think maybe, this won’t be so bad. As Master (or Mistress) tightens the attaching rope, the next bulb slides into place.

This one caught you off guard. You moan a bit – trying (and failing) to hold back the first shivering trembles of the orgasm, but this makes Master/Mistress upset. They grin as they tighten the rope so slowly… you can feel it stretch you out and every quivering sensation makes you beg for mercy even as you struggle against the tightening ropes that your master has wrapped around your body. Each move pulling it further into you until, ‘pop’ – it’s all the way in and you want Master or Mistress to do it all over again.

You can even attach the loop to the hair of the beaded anal hook wearer, so that every time they attempt to look down – they’ll pull the hook further. This toy is perfect for those play sessions where you want to tempt and punish (or be tempted and punished) at the same time.

There is nothing you cannot love about this anal hook. In addition to every possible sexy scene you’re already dreaming up (there’s so many options!!), these hooks are ideal for temperature play as well! Imagine the possibilities – the metal bulbs, warming up and protected as they sit inside your body your loving and tempting partner wraps a cold rope around the top loop and shaft. You’ll stay where you’re supposed to – or you’ll feel the chill from the cold, wrapped, beaded anal hook as well as possibly the Master’s wrath for not listening to the given instructions. It’s up to your kinky imagination!

The Stainless Steel Anal Hook

For the experienced anal kinkster looking for something to spice their anal angel status up to that of a professional anal diva, this style is a classic hit! Featuring a single ball perched on the end of the short side of the hook shaft, this simple stainless steel anal hook is perfect for that lovely sensation you’re looking for.

This simple ball penetration point is one and one half of an inch wide in diameter at it’s widest point, and is ideal for the experienced anal play kinkster. This is definitely not meant for a new vanilla individual – you will need to work your anus up to any penetrations that are larger than your finger.

The metal ball and shaft feature five whole inches of insertable area before curving around your body toward your back. The final fetish based feature of this insidious toy is focused on the inch and a half diameter loop that is absolute perfection for those looking for a bit more security in their anal hook endeavors.

If you need inspiration for why to use an anal hook, check out this inspirational scene: Your Master or Mistress has tied you up, left you helpless and restrained in his or her special restraining framework in the center of their dungeon – leaving you exposed and unable to writhe away from the punishment on it’s way.

They know you’ve been begging for oral play, and have finally come to an agreement. You can recieve your oral stimulations, only if you take the whole five inches of the stainless steel anal hook, which is just out of sight in the toy bag with all the other fun, kinky props and tools of torment and teasing. You think, that’s gotta be worth it, until you see the cold gleam of the metal as they carry the anal hook toward you in one hand, and a bottle of lube in the other.

The shining ball is bigger than your thumb, and you realize, you’re going to have to take every glimmering inch to get what you want. You feel the warm lube slide down your crack, wetting every orifice in its path. The touch of the cold ball against your anus tenses you for a moment until you remember you have to relax. ‘Pop”,… you made it past the ball and all that is left is smooth, cold shaft.

You feel it pull against you as Master or Mistress ties the hook to your hair before they begin to lick and play. You try to look down, and feel your hook pull into you even deeper, bringing you even closer to the edge of orgasm.

Again, these metal toys are insanely perfect for temperature play, just run some warm or cold water over the toy for a few minutes and see what you like best! It’s up to you to find out!

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