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Butt Plugs Buyer Guide

Let’s be honest here, we all love some extra fun during our alone time or sexual intercourses.

That can be achieved through various ways, including sex toys, notably butt plugs.

These devices are just fabulous, and they’re suitable for solo or group fun.

But, do you know everything that you need to know about these sex toys?

Don’t you have some questions in your mind regarding them?

Well, we’re here to answer those questions and teach everything there is about butt plugs, so bring some popcorn while we take you on our roller-coaster of sexual amusement.

First, An Introduction (hihi) into the Butt Plugs History – How Did It All Start?

What we’re going to reveal now may sound crazy, but it’s the truth: butt plugs started as a medical treatment.

We know, weird.

While anal porn is mainstream nowadays, its origins go way back to centuries before, when our ancestors discovered the wonders of the butt stimulation and developed several methods to turn that stimulation into sexual amusement.

Yes, Nicki Minaj wasn’t the first to make asses a big thing, nor is anal porn a privilege of the 21st century.

Butt plugs were first introduced as a medical device back in 1893 as an invention of Dr. Young.

They went by the name of Rectal Dilators and were advertised as a medical device that can cure “three-fourths of all the howling maniacs of the world,” as described an article published on “Medical News” in the same year.

That was nothing but a promotional stunt of course, but it was a successful one, and rectal dilators became a hot product prescribed by doctors for almost half a century.

That business didn’t last forever though, as a shipment of these devices was seized during the 1940s by the FDA because for deceptive advertisement, as Dr. Young’s rectal dilators were advertised as a solution that can cure constipation, acne, insomnia, and a handful of other medical conditions.

Dr. Young wasn’t the only businessman selling butt plugs though, as others began exploring the market during the same period.

That led to other products such as George Starr White’s rectal dilators for prostate treatment that didn’t make it past 1931, and the “Recto Rotor” that was advertised a treatment for constipation and piles.

What’s impressive about the latter product is the included unguent chamber that pushes lubricant through venting holes in the tip, which facilitates the penetration process.

Knowing all of that, you must be wondering how did butt plugs pass from a medical device into a sex toy?

It’s a no-brainer that some users of rectal dilators twisted their purpose after discovering the wonders of the anal stimulation, but it wasn’t until 1962 that sex toys got out from the shadows and turned from a forbidden product sold by mail and through advertisements on cheap magazines into legitimate merchandise sold in stores.

That happened thanks to Beate Uhse, a former female German pilot for the Luftwaffe, who opened the first sex store in Germany during that year.

Starting with several products for marital hygiene, the store quickly grew and added butt plugs, vibrators, as well as porno and lingerie.

Sex toys began to take off during that period because rubber and vinyl’s prices went down significantly, which was a good thing for the market.

Butt plugs’ industry saw a significant peak in the nineties when manufacturers started silicone as it was cheap, easy to clean, and durable, making it the perfect material for sex toys.

That encouraged the diversification of the butt plug industry as they started to come in several sizes and unimaginable shapes.

Why Do We Feel Pleasure During an Anal Stimulation?

When one’s ass is being stimulated, they feel amusement in two ways:

  • First, nerve endings

The outside surface of the anus contains countless nerve endings, for which the purpose hasn’t been revealed yet, but it got exploited by humans for sure.

When one’s ass is being eaten, the stimulation of those nerves triggers a fantastic orgasmic sensation in the brain.

  • Second, muscles

The stimulation of the anus doesn’t stop at the surface; it goes deep down inside (no pun intended).

The pelvic floor that surrounds the rectum contains several muscles that get massaged by anal stimulation.

Once a penis or a butt plug is inserted in the anus, those muscles get relaxed which makes your body more receptive to pleasure.

Those very muscles are the ones that Kegel exercises target.

Unlike the common belief stating that women enjoy anal stimulation more than men, the male gender has an advantage here as they have a prostate which is located just beside the rectum.

This gland’s primary purpose is secreting the seminal fluid which transports sperm from the balls to the penis, but it also has numerous nerve endings that give an orgasmic sensation when stimulated.

  • Third, it’s all in the mind

It goes without saying that our brains are inclined towards trying taboos, including anal, oral sex, which seems improperly delicious considering the anus’s primary purpose.

It’s true, all of the above can be achieved with one or more fingers, but it can be much easier if it’s done using a device that was specifically created for this purpose, which is the butt plug.

What makes this sex toy better than dildos is the fact that the anus is directly related to the sigmoid, unlike the vagina that’s limited by the cervix, which makes it prone to stuck if inserted in the rectum.

Butt plugs, on the other hand, have flared bases to prevent such mishaps, which is the secret behind the lava lamp design.

How to Choose the Right Butt Plug

Choosing a proper butt plug is crucial if you want to get a pleasurable experience, and your pick should depend on several factors, including the sensation you’re trying to get, the type of games for which you want to use the plug, and how much experience do you have with anal pleasure.

There are probably countless questions that pop in your head whenever you’re about to purchase a sex toy:

“Is that a good material?”

“What size do I need?”

“Is that a reasonable price?”

“Does that plug safe to use?”

We know that making a choice can be a hard task, so we’re here to help you pick the best butt plug for your needs.

Here you’ll find a comprehensive guide covering everything you need to know about butt plugs, so you can make the best choice and enjoy a pleasurable anal play on your own or with your partner.

Let’s begin, shall we?

To start your journey towards anal pleasure the right way, you need to understand the anatomy of the anus and its inside-out structure.

As we all know, the anus is the excretion point of the digestive tract, and it marks the end of the intestines, to which its related through the rectum.

Several muscles, called sphincters, control the tension and relaxation of this opening thus assisting in the bowel movement at times and closing the anus at others.

These sphincters are divided into two types; internal and external, with the first surrounding two to five cm of the anal canal and the latter forming the outer layers of the anus muscles.

Besides muscles, the anus has thousands if not millions of nerve endings, which is the secret behind the immersive pleasurable sensation you feel when this part gets stimulated.

When a butt plug is inserted, it stretches the sphincters and stimulates the nerve endings, and once it’s removed, the muscles tighten up again.

How Does an Anal Plug Works Exactly?

Despite coming in different sizes and shapes, butt plugs have few things in common.

Those similarities include the overall form.

Typically, an anal plug has a body, which is the part that rests inside the anus, a base, which is flared to ensure that the toy doesn’t get lost in the rectum, and a neck, which comes in different circumferences and is designed to help keep the plug in place as the sphincters contract around it.

Among the three components, the body is the main part as it’s the one that provides fullness and sensations while the plug is in place.

The body itself has two parts; the bulb, which is the closest to the neck, and the tip, that’s the first to enter the anus and comes in different sizes and shapes.

Butt plugs can be used in countless situations, including solo play, role-playing, intercourse, BDSM, etc.

They’re also compatible for both men and women, homo and heterosexuals. As long as you have an anus, you can’t go wrong with a butt plug.

When you’re trying to add a butt plug to your sex toys collection, you should pay close attention to the size, material, texture, and shape, as they’re the factors that determine how good your experience goes.

Butt Plug Size

The size is a crucial factor when it comes to choosing the right butt plug, as preferences differ according to the experience, level of tolerance, and desired pleasure of each person.

You need to determine your capabilities and limits before purchasing a sex toy if you want to have the most pleasurable experience.

There are mainly three sizes to choose from:

Small Size Butt Plugs

If you’re a beginner in the anal play world, you should definitely start with the small size.

An uncomfortably big butt plug would turn your sexual fantasies into a nightmare as it can damage your muscles and leave you with unbearable pain.

Don’t let the “small” tag fool you into thinking that these plugs are short when it comes to pleasure.

If used correctly, these plugs can easily offer you an unforgettable anal play.

Here’s a small advice for novices: Don’t rush things.

You need to go through the process steadily and slowly, starting with a small plug and gradually increasing the size until you find what’s best for you.

Anal play requires patience as the rectum is too sensitive compared to the vaginal canal and can be easily damaged and irritated if you rush things and go with a size that you cannot handle.

Take your time so that your body can adapt to the new experience and sensations by gently stimulating the outside of your anus before inserting the plug.

Once you feel comfortable and relaxed, push the anal plug slowly using your finger, with the tip pointing to your stomach, until you reach the perfect spot without irritating your rectum.

Remember, no matter what type of anal play you’re trying, make sure to lubricate your anus thoroughly using a heavy, water-based or silicone lubricant.

If your plug is made of silicone, use a water or oil-based lubricant as that’s safer for that material.

Medium Size Butt Plugs

Once a small plug becomes insufficient for you, you can start increasing the size and get a medium-sized plug to enjoy more depth and fullness during your anal experience and therefore more intense sensations.

This size is also suitable if you’ve had anal intercourse before and want to experience what butt plugs feel like.

Large/XL Size Anal Plugs

This is the size you should go for if you’re already experienced with butt plugs and an expert in this field.

If an incredible amount of fullness and a full rectal stretch are what you’re seeking, a large butt plug is what you need.

Butt Plugs Sets

If you’re one to try several things during your sexual sessions, you’re better off getting a set as they include several sizes that you can choose from and are perfect if you want to start with a small plug and gradually increase the size during the same session.


It’s also crucial to select the right material, as butt plugs can be made of several ones, each of which provides a unique, pleasurable sensation.

If you’re just starting out with a butt plug, you’re better off choosing something safe that doesn’t overstimulate the rectum.

Some uncertified sex toys can be made of porous materials that contain phthalates, especially those jelly-shaped plugs that aren’t body-safe and can be hazardous for the skin and the internal wall of your anus.

These materials can be dangerous because they can harbor lots of bacteria and cannot always be thoroughly cleaned and sensitized, no matter how potent the antibacterial you’re using is.

Standard anal plugs are typically made of PVC or rubber, making them a bit firm with some flexibility for easy penetration and comfortable insertion.

What we dig about these materials is the easy cleaning as you can completely sterilize them through boiling after every usage.

If you’re looking for something that you can comfortably wear for an extended period of time, while you’re doing your house chores, for example, your best bet is getting a silicone butt plug, which is also a common material.

Silicone is easy to clean as well and can be bent quite easily to adapt to your movements, but make sure that you’re using a lube that’s not silicone-based, as using a sex toy and lube made of silicone can do more harm than good and turn your sexual pleasure into a nightmare.

That downside can easily be solved by using a water-based lube.

For a firm sensation in your ass, you can resort to a glass butt plug, which is less flexible and more expensive, but surely worth the hassle if you prefer firmness over flexibility and a great sensation over a few-buck saving.

Glass is also durable and easy to clean, which makes it among the best materials for a sex toy.

Another excellent option to consider is a ceramic butt plug.

Although no well-known, this material is the epitome of durability, as it conserves its features even for thousands of years. Don’t get me wrong; it’s a no-brainer that ceramic can break, but it’s bound to live for a lifetime with proper care.

A high-quality ceramic-based butt plug is usually non-porous and has an enamel coating for easier cleaning and an added waterproof feature.

Besides, ceramics are compatible with both silicone and water-based lubes.

Last but not least, aluminum and stainless-steel butt plugs, both of which are easy to use and have a great sexy appearance for an added visual pleasure during solo fun or sexual intercourse.


Besides picking the right size, you should also choose the proper form for your needs.

Butt plugs come in three shapes; rounded-tip plugs, which are the easiest to insert, followed by beaded and tapered plugs.

Tapered Plugs

These plugs have a bullet-shaped tip, making them the easiest to insert since you don’t need much effort and force to push it inside through the external and internal sphincter.

Tapered plugs usually get wider from the tip to the neck.

Beaded Plugs

This is a shape that suits beginners and can be used as a wearable plug or for massage or thrust through the sphincter, thus leading to an extremely pleasurable experience.

These anal beads have somewhat a unique shape as they look like anal beads but with a base to prevent one from being lost in the rectum.

Many beaded plugs have a small beaded tip and gradually increase in size as they’re inserted.

Rounded-tip Plugs

If you’re just starting out with your anal games, steer clear from this shape as it’s only suitable for experienced users.

As a general rule of thumb, the size of a rounded-tip plug is the same for the whole toy, that’s why they require a significant muscle relaxation to be inserted comfortably.

This shape is the closest to a vaginal dildo.


This is yet another critical factor to consider when you want to purchase a butt plug.

The surface makes a considerable difference in stimulation and level of pleasure, as a smooth butt plug can prove inefficient for some people, which encourages them to try the textured type.

On the other hand, some people may find a textured plug to be a bit uncomfortable, painful even, and can’t imagine life without a smooth, easy-to-insert anal toy.

Overall, preferences differ, and your only way of discovering what best suits you is through trying.

Here are the two available textures:

Smooth Plugs

If you’re a beginner to the anal play, you can find it hard to insert a textured butt plug in your anus, which is totally understandable.

Smooth butt plugs are an excellent choice for beginners, and they come in two types when it comes to silicone toys: matte and glossy.

The first tend to feel silky once inside, while the latter may give a dragging feeling and require more lube for comfortable insertion.

For other materials, such as glass and metal, the penetration is usually smooth.

Textured Plugs

Textured anal plugs provide stronger stimulation during insertion, and they’re a lot more fun once you get used to them.

There are many textures that you can choose from, including bumps, twists, grooves, veins, and ribs.

If you’re into experiencing new things, you should definitely try using several textures during the same session.


If you thought that butt plugs are simple toys, you’ve been mistaken.

Anal plugs come in different types as engineers are working on improving these devices around the clock.

There are many unique types to choose from, but with great features come great prices, so brace yourself to spend some extra money if you want an exceptional experience and a fantastic, unforgettable orgasm through ways you’ve never even dreamed about before.

Vibrating Plugs

These plugs come with a built-in motor that allows the toy to vibrate whenever you want, and with the speed you desire!

With these plugs, the sky is the limit, as they give an incredible sensation and can even be used to massage the prostate which is located just beside the rectum. A

s for the power, these plugs come either with a rechargeable battery or one that needs to be changed from time to time.

Remote Controlled Plugs

Are you tired of trying to insert the plug yourself then struggling to find the ON/OFF button to start your single sexual session?

Easy, get a remote-controlled plug!

These toys come with a remote control so that you can control the speed and vibration modes.

If you’re into kinky fun, hand the remote control to your partner and let them control your pleasure however they want!

Tailed Plugs

If role-playing is your thing, an animal tail butt plug is what you need.

These toys come with a variety of tails attached to them, including horse, rabbit, cat butt plugs, dog, pig, or fox tails.

Jeweled Plugs

Tails aren’t your thing, but you still want some fancy role playing? Get a Jeweled butt plug!

The base of such a toy comes with a lovely jewel that would surely make that beautiful ass of yours even more appealing!

Inflatable Plugs

This is a sensational anal plug that’s ideal for advanced users.

You can easily inflate the plug (inserted) to the desired diameter Thanks to the pump (or pear), thus giving you the opportunity to go further and reach a fullness that you’ve never felt before.

Anchor plugs

Just like inflatable toys, anchor plugs aren’t suitable for beginners, for they give too much of fullness inside the anus to handle by someone just starting out with their anal endeavor.

These plugs stretch the anal cavity and can be made of one of three materials; silicone, stainless steel, or aluminum. For the first, you only need to push the plug inside the rectum while it’s closed then let the anchor open by itself.

As for stainless-steel and aluminum, you need to push the plug then press a button to open the anchor yourself.

If you’re into BDSM, a metal anchor plug would definitely be a great tool in your sex toys arsenal.

Tunnel plugs

This is another plug that’s widely used during BDSM sessions, and they have a hallowed center through you can pour fluid into the anus, making them perfect for enema play.

These plugs come in different materials, mainly metal, for which the toy often includes a removable core for smooth closing of the tunnel.

How to Use a Butt Plug

Because anal penetration is a little less innocuous than vaginal penetration, it is advisable to follow some recommendations when inserting a butt plug.

The first step is taking care of your hygiene.

The rectum is the natural excretion point of body waste, so you need a throughout cleaning before engaging in an anal activity.

To do that, simply take a shower and clean your anus from the outside and about an inch inside using your finger.

Too much soap can cause irritation, so avoid that if you want an unbeatable experience.

If you feel that having a shower isn’t enough, you can use an enema for extra insurance.

An anal plug is a conical anal sex toy that starts small but slowly increases in size.

They usually have a thinner part at the bottom and an enlarged base for security.

Designed specifically for anal penetration, a plug will gently relax the anus and stimulate sensitive nerve endings that exist inside and out.

To begin, thoroughly lubricate your anal plug and your anus.

A specialized anal lubricant will give you the slippery effect needed to facilitate penetration.

Make sure to apply as much lubricant as possible, as that will ensure that you get a more comfortable experience, especially considering how delicate the tissue of your anus is and how easy it is to hurt it.

Sit comfortably in one of these three positions:

  1. On all fours (doggy style).
  2. On the back, with a cushion under the buttocks and legs spread apart.
  3. Crouched over the anal plug on your feet or knees.

You’ll quickly find the position that’s right for you, or you may want to test several to find out if a variation of one of these positions is best for you.

Hold both the base and the neck of the anal plug, place the tip at the opening of the anus, lean slightly towards the belly and push gently.

You should feel the tip of the plug penetrate you.

When you feel comfortable, push the toy a little deeper into yourself, removing your hand from the handle and using only the base of the anal plug to perform the movements.

If you still feel good, push it further and let the thin part of the plug inside with the base extended to the outside.

Once in place, you don’t need to move the plug back and forth to feel pleasurable sensations.

As its name suggests, it only plugs in to give you pleasurable sensations while you’re having fun with your partner or carrying out your usual activities.

Other sex toys can prepare your anus for sodomy.

You should follow the same steps if you want to insert the plug into your partner’s anus.

Men often times avoid butt plugs thinking that that makes them homosexual, but anal penetration can be a real source of pleasure for them even if they’re heterosexual.

By stimulating the prostate of your partner, you can make him discover extraordinary sensations.

It should be discussed with him beforehand and be very gentle and understanding.

You can then enjoy other forms of stimulation or sex games while the plug stays in you or you can choose to move a little for extra sensations!

You can keep your anal plug for 30 minutes or even several hours.

However, we recommend removing it at least every hour to reapply lubricant in order to avoid discomfort while the plug is inserted.

Start small, literally. You mustn’t rush things and start with the biggest anal plug in your kit.

Gradually increase the size, and you’ll be an anal pro in no time.

How to Clean a Butt Plug

Maintaining and cleaning your anal plug and sex toys, in general, is crucial to avoid diseases and to ensure that your sexual tools have a long lifespan.

The first thing that you need to be aware of is that it’s generally recommended that each person has their own butt plug.

These toys can unnoticeably carry some blood on them due to minor lesions inside the rectum, which can ultimately lead to disease transmission.

If you’re in a hurry and need to use your toy on several people, you can cover it with a condom for extra security.

The cleaning process is pretty straightforward, so there’s nothing to worry about or to be scared of regarding this aspect.

Remember to wash your butt plug before and after using it to avoid introducing any unwanted bacteria in your body.

You can do that using warm water and antibacterial soap for glass and metal plugs.

As for silicone sex toys, opt for neutral pH soap to avoid altering the material.

After applying the soap, rub the plug with two fingers, and repeat the process several times if the lubricant you use is hard to remove, notably if it’s an oil-based one.

Once that’s done, rinse the soap with plenty of warm water and dry the plug using a clean towel, then hide it in a suitable box, preferably in a plastic zip lock to separate your sex toys and keep each one of them clean for your future adventures.


Using sex toys is an excellent way to expand your possibilities during your solo fun or sexual intercourse, and butt plugs are among the best when it comes to pleasure as they come in different shapes, sizes, and materials, besides being gender-neutral and suitable for both men and women.

If you decide to get a butt plug, make sure to read the above guide thoroughly to get the best orgasmic experience there is.

Do you have a question about butt plugs that we didn’t answer in this article? Please go ahead and send as an email, we’re here to help!