What Are Anal Beads?

Anal beads are another variety of anal sex toys. These crafty little creations are great for beginners and advanced anal players alike because these anal toys are extremely versatile and come in every size and shape you could ever desire. The general idea behind the construction of anal beads is right there in the name – featuring beads that can either stay the same size or grow slowly in diameter to change up the sensation. Sometimes these beads are very close to each other, sometimes they have more distance built in – each provides different experiences and caters to a variety of desires.

Another common feature of most anal beads will be a finger loop at one end or a flat platform. These additions help reduce the likelihood that your newest toy gets pulled into your body. If your anal beads don’t feature this, you will need to leave more of the toy outside of your body to keep things safe. Nothing ruins the mood like the urgent need for a real doctor’s office.

Why Use Anal Beads?

One of the main attractions to anal beads is driven by that initial sensation of anal penetration and the desire to repeat it. The separation of the ‘beads’ vary from toy to toy, but overall will give you exactly what you want, over and over again. Others might like the sensation of the beads inside of the rectum – particularly as the beads or balls collide with each other (depending on specific toy style). This is similar to the sensation that can be obtained vaginally with ‘ben wa’ balls. Another popular use for anal beads is to enjoy the insertion as foreplay, leave them in for dual penetration sensation for her AND him, and then to remove suddenly right at the point of orgasm. The additional sensations really amp up your orgasmic experience and benefits both parties, what’s more to want?!

How to Use Anal Beads

So, you’re sold on the idea and want to try out anal beads. Here’s a few basic tips to keep it fun and safe!

  1. Start out small. Finger-size is best for beginners.
  2. Increase size slowly. Anal tissue is extra tender and the anal sphincter muscles are really strong. (part of why it’s fun in the first place) They can stretch to a certain limit, but only with time and TLC.
  3. Keep lube handy! Lubricant is going to be your best friend in the anal play department. It is not a vagina and cannot self lubricate. While we thank our lucky stars for that, be sure to match your lube to your play. Silicone lube and silicone toys do NOT get along, go water-based for those toys – or if you’re just into more natural things being on/in your body.
  4. Remember to communicate your desires openly and honestly – if you want to really have a good time. Your partner can’t read your mind and can’t know which moves are really turning you on without you telling them.


Check out some of the best anal beads on the market here and be sure to keep it safe and sane out there!

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