What’s with the furry tail butt plugs?

Ever wonder what it might be like to have a tail butt plug? Maybe you’re curious about all the hype? If you are either of the above – you’re in the right place.

Ponies, foxes, unicorns, rabbits, wolves, and raccoon tail butt plugs are just a sampling of what is available in the sexy tailed butt plug life. Some might prefer the more simple strapped on tail, but there are plenty of others that want to add a little more anal fun to the dressing up sexual runway. Maybe you’ve wondered what you would look like with your favourite animal tail? I mean seriously, who can resist the idea of having a rainbow unicorn tail or maybe a wolves tail while snapping your sexy chat pic for your lover?

Check out a sampling of our recommendations below, and then keep scrolling to find out more about the materials and care of your newly ordered tail butt plug!

Common Plug Materials and Lubes – Know Your Matches!


Quite often, tail butt plugs are available in a silicone plug material. These are amazing for beginner anal players, as the silicone gives a balance between firm and slightly squishy for easy insertion. It’s important to remember to never use a silicone plug (tail or no tail) with a silicone lubricant! These two toy bag additions are just not meant to be. So, be sure to grab a water based lubricant once you’ve added a silicone plug (or other silicone toy) to your cart! Silicone is notoriously easy to clean and care for otherwise, and can last you a lifetime; especially if you give the plug itself an occasional boil in water or dip in a 10% bleach solution to keep butt scent from building up over time.


Alternatively, metal is another fabulous option. Not only shiny and pretty in addition to having a lovely tail attached to the base, these are fantastic toys for temperature play. Metal is resistant to germs, non-porous, and easy to clean, as well as being compatible with both silicone and water based lubricants so you can play however you want to play!

Care, Cleaning, and Safe & Sane Tips!

  • Never share anal toys without sanitizing directly after removing it from the previous partner. You don’t want to risk spreading germs, infections, or diseases.
  • Use condoms on each and every toy if you don’t think you’ll have time to really sanitize a toy during a single play session. Also, using condoms on your tailed butt plugs will help prevent any extra lube from soaking your new tailed toy.
  • Do feel free to try pet-play fantasies (just be sure all the ‘pets’ are adult, consenting humans) with your tail butt plug.
  • Communicate your limits with your partner(s) and be sure to be honest and open. No one can read your mind or can be fully aware of your comfort zones unless you let them know. Be clear and share.

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Showing 1–12 of 23 results