Cat Tails For Your Butt

The cat tail butt plugs are one of the cutest anal toys on the market today. If you’ve ever felt like you should have been a cat, or wanted to see what you might look like with an adorable cat tail, or if you’ve ever wanted to spice up your bedroom life a bit, the cat tail butt plug is the perfect anal toy for you!

Cat tail butt plugs might be associated with the furry fetish, but it doesn’t have to be limited to just that. These enchanting tails can serve multiple purposes and pleasures. Styles vary for both the butt plugs and the tails themselves. Plugs are often available in metal or silicone, and tails are in every color imaginable – solids, ombres, natural stripes, and even rainbow effects are possible options!

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Using A Cat Tail Butt Plug

Once you’ve selected your favorite pick of the litter, you’ll need to know how to use a butt plug safely. If you’ve never had anything in your butt before, the days between your order and delivery might be a good time to begin training yourself up a bit. Most butt plugs that come with tails are somewhere around 1 inch or so at their widest point – sometimes more – aim for something smaller if you’re new to this though.

Since you’ll be going in a new direction with things you can start getting your anus used to the sensation and the stretching action by using your clean and well lubed finger to play around with your back door. If one finger doesn’t feel bad, go ahead and bump it up to two (two fingers together are often around an inch wide). This will give you a good idea of what you’ll be dealing with during the insertion of the plug. Isn’t so bad, right?

Caring For Your Cat Tail Butt Plug

Once you’ve got your new cat tail butt plug picked out, you need to be sure you get a lubricant that matches the plug type. Now, as a general rule with tails of all kinds – you want to stick with water-based lubricants. This is because silicone lubes are difficult to clean out of the fur materials – especially if you have invested in a real fur toy. In addition, silicone plugs are not compatible with silicone lubricants. Condoms can help keep lube away from the fur as well.

Finally, after you have played with your plug (3 to 4 hour max time insertion), you’ll need to clean up and store your toy. Silicone plugs can usually take a boiling for sanitizing, but beware for the attachment style of the tail, as you don’t want the tail to fall off – anything that is glued in place should not be boiled. Metal plugs are ideal for butt plug use as they are easily cleaned with isopropyl alcohol wipe downs and then rinsed to remove any chemical residues.

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