Fox Tail Butt Plugs
These fuzzy fox tail butt plugs aren’t just for the people that are interested in furries (more often known for wearing a full costume).

Maybe sometimes you just want a little extra flair and that sense of feeling…well,… foxxxy.

And there is no better way to achieve full foxiness than by wearing your very own fox tail butt plug.

If you want, you can even leave your fox tail butt plug in your backdoor while you are playing with a partner or other toy up front (males foxes can do this too – try it out with a new cock cage!).

You’ll love the sensations and the scenery all at the same time!

Now, check out a few of our fabulous and foxy recommendations below, and then keep scrolling for more information on using and caring for your fox tail butt plug!

Picking a Fox Tail Butt Plug & Matched Lube

Silicone Plugs & Water Based Lubes - Great picks for beginners in anal play.

Silicone is a firm and somewhat soft toy that is still easy to sanitize and keep clean.
You’ll NEED to grab water-based lubricant specifically for these types of toys though. Not only will silicone lubricant damage a silicone toy - silicone is far more difficult to wash out of the tail’s fur.

Metal Plugs & Water Based Lubes - If you like the idea of temperature play as a possibility in your play sessions, then metal based plugs will be right up your alley (or anus if we don’t want to beat around the bush here).
These are also wonderfully smooth as well as easy to sanitize if the plug is meant for more than one player thanks to the non-porous nature of metal.

Note: you can use silicone based or water based lubes with metal, however - a reminder that when dealing with keeping the tail/fur portion clean - it’s far easier to stick to water based lubes.

Keeping it Clean, Safe, & Sane Never leave a plug in for more than 3 hours - even if you think you’re comfortable. Give your body a rest and clean the plug immediately - be sure to plan ahead if you’re wearing into a public place (you don’t want to get caught!).

Don’t share a butt plug with other people without sanitizing between each person!

Don’t remove your fox tail plug by pulling on the tail! Always remove by using the base of the plug.

Do use a condom over the plug to keep excess lubricant from soaking your new fox tail.

Do talk about your kinks openly and honestly with your partner and agree on safe words and hard limits before beginning any of your play sessions.