What’s the hype?
If glass butt plugs have caught your eye, you’re in the right place. These beautiful butt plugs are often a favorite option for the experienced plug user. Glass butt plugs feature a smooth surface – perfect for your sensitive and easy to scratch anal skin. The ultra smooth and solid material is superb for sanitation purposes and will never hold onto that pesky butt scent that many other types of anal toys tend to absorb.

Similar to other anal plug toys, glass butt plugs come in a variety of shapes and styles to suit every preference. Some feature simple smooth plugs, a few offer additional textures or curved bulbs to stimulate specific areas. Some have fun and feminine bases to add extra flare. Others still have ‘tail’ attachments – to make all of those fuzzy and furry dreams come true!

See some of our recommendations below and then read further to find tips about how to pick your plug and how to care for your glass plugs!

Picking a Plug
If you’re a first time plugger – you’ll want to start out small. Look for training sized sets that will help you literally train your body to be able to handle anything larger than your finger. Just like the rest of your body, your anus has muscles and limits (each person has different limits and can only push those limits so far). Start slowly with a small plug and a short retention time and work your way into longer sessions.

It is important to remember that not all glass is equal. For maximum safety along with maximum pleasure, please be sure to choose strong, tempered glass anal toys. Especially for any toys with extra narrow stems or other areas that may be more prone to breakage. The last thing you want is a toy breaking off inside your anus and causing all sorts of dangerous issues.

Using and Caring for Glass Butt Plugs
Sanitation Methods and Precautions

10% Bleach Solution Dip & Rinse
Simple Super Sanitized Method – just a quick dip into a bleach solution to kill any germs lingering on the surface. Be sure to give the plug a good rinse in clean water to get rid of any remaining chemicals.
Boiling Water
Easy – with a bit more preparation. Before filling your pan with water for the boil, line the inside of your pan with a washcloth or two. This will help prevent the glass from hitting the sides of the pan and causing cracks or breaks. Another caution to be aware of here is that the glass will hold the heat from the boiling water for a really long time. Be extra careful handling your glass plug after boiling it clean.
Soap and Water – Easiest way to clean – when not being shared with other people. Simply grab your plug and give it a good washing with soap and water. Don’t use abrasive scratch pads, brushes, or anything else that could potentially damage the super smooth glass which then could later damage your @ss.
Now go and enjoy your toy!

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Showing all 10 results