Have you been feeling like you want to get a little more glamorous with your anal play? You know, make things a bit more pretty and maybe even sparkly? The princess butt plug is the perfect plug style category that specializes in making your butt plug feel like more than just a toy.

Why settle for boring, plain butt plugs when you can invest in one of the many handsomely jewelled butt plugs that can make you feel more sexy and glamorous than ever before?

There are multitudes of styles to choose from, not only in size and shape of your new plug itself, but in every gorgeous placement of details like heart and flower shaped platforms to carefully placed jewels on the base’s bottom.

Whether in the bedroom, or out and about with fellow kinksters in public events, you’ll know that your princess plug is there, waiting to sparkle with the first light! Check out some of the princess plugs below to get started!

Helpful Tips

  • Don’t forget to ensure that your new toy is compatible with the lube in your toy drawer – you don’t want to ruin your newest investment. If they aren’t friendly – grab some more – you’ll always need more later on!
    • While many princess plugs are metal and glass for that ultimate glitter and shine as well as their improved ability to securely hold onto the gems – some varieties are available in the silicone style. Be sure that you keep silicone lubes and silicone toys away from each other.
    • If you love look or feel of the silicone toys, be sure to grab some water based lubricants to go along with!
  • Always research the girth and length of your anal toys before confirming your first purchase, and be sure to slowly work up to larger sizes if you’ve never had anything in your butt.. The last thing you want to do is harm your bum when you’re just trying to have some fun.
  • Check the platform base size too if possible. Depending on the manufacturer, they may be quite a bit smaller than expected and these smaller bases may be able to work their way past your anus and cause additional discomfort in numerous ways.
  • Get aroused before inserting the plug – maybe even grab a couple big ‘O’s to really ease your mindset and your body into it. (and never forget the lube!)
  • If you’re just starting out, don’t leave your plug in for longer than a few hours. Some may desire to test their limits – but it is advisable to lean on the side of caution. Some plugs can cause pressure on nerves and blood vessels, which if allowed to occur for too long can cause damage.
  • Enjoy your toys and stay safe, sane, and consensual!
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