My cock is at your mercy, Mistress” – how giving up control can be as arousing (or maybe even more..) as the actual sex act

Alright, so you have at some point stumbled upon the interesting kink of male chastity.

Whether introduced through a partner (curious or maybe even experienced), a porno experiment, or simply through one of those window-shopping, web-surfing black holes that occasionally suck us into new worlds of information – you’ve stumbled to the right place.

Here, we will explore the world of male chastity – including what it is, why it’s considered fun and kinky, a breakdown of how to practice male chastity safely and a general overview of the awesome variety of toys that are available to give you the chastity experience you’re looking for.

To top things off evenly, there are even important safety reminders included – because while we all love to be fun – we have to be careful too!

What is male chastity?

Overall, chastity is based on the general idea of not having sex.

This is commonly known and socially understood as total denial (lack of any and all stimulation).

Que the incorrect associations and assumptions – But – don’t let this stop you from trying it out.

While total denial is occasionally the goal, more often than not – many chastity kinksters are more into the tease/tie/deny thing than total denial of all sexual pleasure (don’t forget that trusty back door).

It is true that some individuals prefer to simply stay abstinent permanently (with or without a male chastity device); while many, many others are fans of being denied for a given period of time (either self inflicted or by a dominant partner dynamic) and then having teasing and tying added to the daily play sessions, before that full, final and massive – possibly longer lasting (hours of happy hormones dancing around) – orgasm is given once released from the device.

Some may even like the alternative master/slave dynamic, where the denied submissive partner must perform certain tasks before being rewarded with stimulation and temporary removal of the device.

While the basic idea of chastity is present, it doesn’t have to be the entire focus of the chastity agreement.

There is still plenty of fun to be had, I assure you!

Why is it practiced

I can hear it now, “Why in the name of all kinky things are we talking about stopping orgasms? That typically isn’t the point of things!” Well, just keep reading – trust me.

It’s basically an advanced method of controlling orgasm in the male body.

There is a method to the madness, rest assured.

When you’re denied something you want – you tend to want it more – right?

So, when you amplify the method of the orgasm denial – you tend to amplify the reward.

When you put your boys into these toys and hand off the key, you are not only denying total pleasure from your penis, you’re drawing your attention to your own need for sexuality and increasing that very need even as you hand those keys over.

Why would you want to do that, you ask?

Well, because later on, all of those denied orgasms lead to a build up of of an intense psychological and physical desire to orgasm fully (getting kinkier right?) – and that final, real, honest to sexiness orgasm once you are allowed (or allow them) to achieve it … well, it’s worth the ‘torture’ of a male chastity device for a while.

There are those in this realm of kinkdom that have practiced the use of chastity devices for over 20 years – and for good reason.

Another one of the favorite reasons of chastity cage users is that they regain additional feeling in their naughty bits after practicing chastity for a while, because they haven’t been able to give in to the temptations of self-play.

The repeated behavior of masturbation desensitizes all of those tender little nerve endings – so when that is denied – all of those nerves wake up super ready to transmit every . tiny . touch .

Imagine feeling like a virgin to the touch of your partner’s hand again!

This form of sexual play is basically part of the much larger and very diverse world of BDSM, and more specifically – ties in closely to domination/submission relationships (or other arrangements varying on your individual tastes).

No matter what your kink, be sure to talk openly about your desires with your partner or other.

When it comes to male chastity, not only will the chastity device receiving partner be handing over total control of their penis, they are also creating a sort of sacred pact with their ‘key-holder’ or dominant partner.

This is a pretty intense psychological experience on its own, and when combined with all of the kinky fun and games that can be added to the play session – well, it’s basically whatever flavor of heaven you desire.

How chastity is commonly practiced

Okay, so this is where things get a bit more interesting.

Male chastity is often practiced through the application of a device to the penis and testicles.

The modern male chastity device (cock cage to be more specific) is built with two main parts – one large ring that goes around the penis and behind the testes (yes, behind the balls – you read that right) which creates a platform for the penis rings/tube to lock onto.

Male chastity devices do come in a variety of styles for a variety of kinksters too!

Male chastity belts are a popular choice for those who want a truly customized experience that comes with the addition of fun implements that can add dimensions of pleasure to the wearer.

The full male chastity belt does feature additional security for those that might not be as well behaved as a dominant might desire.

The general idea is to thread your penis and balls through the ring, slide on the captivating piece (available in hundreds of styles and material combinations – as well as sizes for perfect fit) over the penis itself, and lock the device.

Some will have a dangling padlock style lock, others will have more stylish locks that are integrated into the device so that it can be more easily worn out of the house.

Some may argue for ‘permanent’ devices that involve catheters or locking pins that make use of a ‘Prince Albert’ piercing as a way to make removal more difficult.

These are not recommended as internal injuries can occur easily and no one wants infection.

Once the device is in place, go about your business and pay attention to your body.

If any portion of your bits begin to turn blue, feel cold, or other painful sensations occur -especially without an erection- remove the chastity device at once.

You may need to reexamine the sizing of your cock cage to ensure that it isn’t preventing normal blood flow.

You don’t want to lose your dong in these pursuits of painful pleasures.

What do men get out of it

Male chastity devices help men (and non-male identifying individuals that happen to have a penis) explore desires for all levels of abstinence (both desired or forced), it can increase overall desire, doubly so because it hinders you from desensitizing things from daily self-play practices (better sensations for actual sex).

Some simply love the sensation of having their cock completely encased in the device.

Some might like that the devices require you to sit down to urinate (you’ll remember after you forget the first time).

This can be used as feminization tool as well, or as a humiliation type play as the device hinders the erection and can be sized down to some extent to either feminize the body or humiliate the partner.

It all depends on the things that get you and your partner off. Remember to keep communication open and honest, that way everyone wins!

Male Chastity Devices – The What and the Why

Male chastity devices are sex toys that prevent a male (or non-male identifying individuals that possess a penis) from gaining a full and useful erection.

Why stop the erection?

Well, there are about a million reasons – all of them being personal to the individual.

Essentially though, it boils down to ruining or denying orgasm

. Which, even though it sounds insane, can actually super fun and extremely kinky (at least if you want it that way).

The draw for denying and ruining orgasm – is that over time – you will build up in desire for even the lightest touch, the most gentle caress, and once released from your chastity cage – are allowed to experience the hottest, longest-lasting orgasm possible.

Chastity devices for males are available in two very different styles.

Both are aimed at the same goals, just with different approaches in style and security.

One style is similar to the female chastity belt, with straps that secure the chastity device around your body.

This style of the male chastity device isn’t often used however, as these need to be customized for the best and most secure fit.

They do feature a bit more security when you opt for the higher end brands – but this style also inhibits normal, daily-life movement and can be unwieldy for those outings into public (you’ll end up with a not-so-secret secret).

These can be easily fitted with additional attachments – which can be a huge plus for those of you out there who desire the addition of butt plugs or other stimulators for fun or punishment.

The other style is a far more modernized version and is commonly known as a chastity cage or a cock cage.

These are far more focused toys, as they are literally locked onto your cock and balls, rather than locked around your body.

This very popular style features some sort of base ring that slips around the entirety of your glorious package, and is capped with an easily attached tube to hold your sausage securely in the downward position. Some brands even offer extra small sizings to cater to the size humiliation crowd.

Since the aim of the chastity device is to prevent erection, no matter which style you choose – your cock will essentially be off limits for both personal and assisted play time unless unlocked from the cock cage or other chastity device.

Often, the owner of the newly locked cock will hand over the key to someone to ensure that they stick to the plan.

This person can be a close friend that is supportive of your personal choices, or a strongly trusted lover or other well trusted play partner (i.e. Masters/Mistresses).

This individual becomes your ‘keyholder’ and this can be a huge part of your relationship dynamic if you choose.

Check out our recommendations below and then keep reading for more helpful tips – including measuring, fitting, and more tips and tricks for using that new cock cage you have your eye on!

How Can I Use a Chastity Device?


Maybe you simply don’t want to have sex, or possibly you want to train yourself to stop jerking off so much by making your dick inaccessible.

Either way, you can use a cock cage or other chastity device to ensure that you meet your abstinence goals.

Some users describe how they felt more productive and invested in those around them after denying arousal over a period of time.


Maybe instead, you like the idea of achieving a huge orgasm all on your own after a few days of self-denial.

Or you think it’s super sexy to wear your cage in secret while out and about in your daily life.

There isn’t quite anything else like feeling that extra weight in your pants, wondering if anyone else notices if your bulge seems a little bigger (or noisier – lock styles are important) that day or not.

Many styles are inconspicuous and quiet, so if you like that idea – invest in the hidden lock styles.

Padlocked versions can be more difficult to hide, but it depends on your preferences

Domination Dynamics

Have a Mistress or a Master that has been looking for new ways to punish you?

Chastity devices are one of the many tools of the BDSM trade and can be easily incorporated into tie/tease/deny/ruin play sessions and into domination/submission dynamics as well.

Mistress or Master didn’t get enough attention or good enough behavior last session?

You’ll quickly learn to please them in every way possible after they tease you to the very edge of orgasm and your cage stops your cock in its tracks – leaving you throbbing and dribbling.

A far cry from the rock-hard rocket shot orgasm you really want, isn’t it?

Be good and maybe Mistress or Master will make it all better.


Feel like you don’t deserve to be a man anymore?

Extra-small versions (best after first using a normally fitted cage) are available to turn your tiny dick into a caged clitty.

Whether for your own personal pleasure or to please your Master as a good little sissy maid – cock cages are for you!


Maybe you like being told just how tiny your dick is.

What better way to remind yourself and your partner just how tiny you are by using a cock cage to show off how tiny and useless it is?

You can take it the extra mile and invest in an additional extra small cage when you really want to be humiliated and shamed.

You are basically only limited by your own imagination and your comfort levels.

If something interests you, don’t be afraid to talk to your partner about it.

Who knows, maybe they’ve wanted to try it but never thought you’d be interested!

You’ll never know until you take that first step. If it isn’t agreeable to all parties involved, it shouldn’t happen though.

The key ingredients to a fun and kinky lifestyle are maintaining a safe, sane, and consensual environment for everyone!

So communicate openly and honestly at all times to ensure that you’re all on the same page with preferences and limits.

Okay, I Want a Cock Cage! Where Do I Start?


Step 1 – You will want to begin by measuring yourself for the base locking ring that goes around both the penis and the testicles.

For those who want a more accurate method than simply using a tape measure or tailor’s tape (quick and dirty measurements can mean wasted investments when your cage comes in the wrong size), it can be advisable to go to your local sex shop (or even a hardware store) to purchase a selection of hard and smooth plastic or metal rings. in a variety of diameter size selections beginning around 2 – 2 ½ inches in diameter and reducing in size by a quarter inch in each ring down to the smallest size you think you can fit both your cock and your sack into.

Take these home and try the largest ring on (yup, squeeze those puppies in there) and then go about your day for a while.

Take note of how things are feeling – too loose or too snug – and watch out for any ACTUAL color changes in your bits. The phrase ‘blue balls’ is just that… a phrase – it’s definitely not ever meant to be a literal change in color – and if you do change color… it definitely means you should seek medical attention after removing the ring (if you can).

When you find a fit that feels right, you’ll know it. Take note of it for your order!

Step 2 – Measuring for the cage length is a bit easier, if somewhat repetitive.

Now you can pull out your measuring tape or ruler and size your flaccid (all the way soft) penis.

Do this at different points over the day – sizes can vary depending on emotion and temperature.

You’ll want to take note of each measurement and then average those out at the end of the day.

Once you’ve done that, subtract either a quarter inch or a half inch from the total and you now have your cage length measurement!

Cock Cage Use/Care

Once you have your cock cage you’ll want to take good care of it so that it lasts a long time and serves your every need as long as possible.

All cock cages, no matter what style (stacked rings, solid casing, etc) will need to be cleaned often.

No one likes sweaty dick scent, nor do you want to risk infecting your family jewels.

It’s just common sense.

While you can do some cleaning of your goods while they’re locked up in the cage – it’s necessary to remove the cage every three to four days (at MAX) to give it a full cleanse, rinse, and dry before replacing it.

If you or your Mistress/Master aren’t fond of the idea that you’ll be free to play until it’s ready to go again, invest in a second cage to switch out with to ensure that you are playing by the rules you wanted.

Types of male chastity devices

There is a huge variety of male chastity cages out there, in an assortment of styles, sizes, colors, and add-ons. Here is a quick run down of the most common styles:

  1. Cock lock, and cock cage are pretty much interchangeable terms. Cock locks and cock cages often use a chained together ‘multi-ring’ style that complements the base ring style or even feature detailed metal work. Others feature clear plastics or silicones to give that extra visual experience, or even feature bright pink colors to remind the wearer that they are playing a particular role. So long as it locks onto your cock and cages the beast to prevent those full orgasms, the style is up to you!
  2. Electrified cock cages also exist for those that enjoy the additional stimulation that pain play can provide. Chastity cages like these are sometimes available with adjustable levels of power or even diodes that can be removed or replaced based on good or bad behavior.
  3. Male chastity cages can also feature extra small measurements for those that desire a little more humiliation rather than pain. The added pressure can also be a stronger persuader to avoid arousals or can be used to reduce the appearance of the cock for feminization purposes as well.
  4. Cock rings are simple, single session use orgasm delay toys. These are closely related to chastity devices, even if quite different in the overall process – as you don’t keep this style of ring on for any longer than your play session. These can also come with a ton of attached additions like ball rings (for that extra help in delaying gratification), vibrators and rabbits for extra pleasure for her, adjustable straps to accommodate the extra gifted, and even with full size double penetration toys attached to maximize every thrilling thrust! The use of a cock ring is a great tool for you beginners out there to get started on your journey to chastity and other kinks beyond!

Safe Chastity Play – Important Tips

First up, especially for those of you who find you are into long-term male chastity play, you will need to be able to remove the device every three to four days in order to fully clean it and yourself.

Many toys might have enough room to rinse through the toy, but for a full clean the cage HAS to come off.

You might indulge in a secondary toy so that you can replace the cage while the other one is in cleaning mode – especially if you want to keep a dominant/master partner happy with your performance.

Male chastity play can also cause a build up of prostatic fluids when used to prevent multiple orgasms.

This build up can lead to bacterial infections and general restrictions to fun time that aren’t planned.

If you’re into prolonged orgasm denial, you will need to be prepared to learn how to milk the prostate to help keep things running smoothly and cleanly.

Male chastity can be fun in hundreds of ways, but should be practiced safely.

The milking experience can even be a fun one – if you want it to be!

Urethral tubes (or penis plugs ) are an optional part of a chastity device that should be very carefully handled (sanitation precautions galore – be ready to be anally clean about things [haha]).

If you are dead set on using a urethral tube (or other urethral play devices in general), it is safer to use shorter styled tubes and toys to reduce the length of tube/toy that will be putting pressure on the inside of the penis (can cause severe discomfort for some, or even tearing and scratches that can get infected).

The shorter style will also help slow down the chances of getting a urinary tract infection (UTI) – which really upset the fun of things.

Some key items to keep on hand for sanitary play include:

  • Sanitary lubricant
  • Sanitary gloves (change between contact of objects/cleaners/etc)
  • Cleansing wipes for the body (should be medical grade body safe)
  • Sanitary padding (for holding sanitized items until ready for insertion)

Starting to sound like a hospital room? Well, that can sometimes be part of the kink too!

Who doesn’t love a good round of ‘doctor’ with their favorite partner or a favorite toy?

So, keep it clean, safe, and sane out there while you enjoy every dirty fantasy and kink under the sun!

One final note: Keep your keys to your cock cage in known and safe locations!

You or your Mistress or Master (or other Keyholder) may carry one key – for teasing and tantalizing purposes of course – as well as that visual reminder that you’re under lock and key and that you have no control.

However, you NEED to have a secondary key that can act as a backup in the case that the main key is lost/stolen/disappeared in some other fashion or is generally unavailable for use at that precise moment (better known as ‘life gets crazy inconvenient sometimes’)

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