Penis Plugs

Penis plugs and urethral are designed to be smooth as silk and to give amazing new sensations through your incredibly sensitive urethra for your pleasure. These can be enjoyed on your own as a masturbation aid, or sometimes even during various sexual acts (if you insist penetrating with a penis plug in place – you MUST wear a condom to prevent loss of the plug and to prevent abrasions to sensitive areas).

Take a look at the variety of penis plugs available below, and then keep reading to learn more about playing with a penis plug and how to pick the best one for you!

Penis Plug (and Play)

Now, we can dig into the fun part! Especially if any of the plugs above might have caught your eye! While plugging your penis might not sound like something you’d be interested in – you’ll honestly regret not allowing yourself to experience this sort of orgasm. Many urethral plug players describe this as an ‘inside out’ orgasm that doesn’t end until you want it to end – and for good reason. The addition of sensation and pressure on the inside of the penis makes even the lightest touch on the outside feel like heaven. Some even offer graduating sizes that can increase the level of stimulation to exactly where you want it!

The general idea is to start out slow, with a small-ish gauge of plug that fits snugly in your pee hole – but not too tightly. Keep things sanitary – boil the metal plug and cleanse the tip of your dick – and remember to use water based sterile lubricant. Aim the tip of the plug to the opening and let it glide into place. (Gravity should do more of the work here) Try to minimize the pressure to the outside of the shaft until you are familiar with the sensations and what you can personally tolerate. This is a kink that takes time to fully explore – that’s a guarantee.

Buyer’s Guide

There are a huge variety of penis plugs and shorter urethral plugs (so women can play too!) available on the market. If you’re not sure what design is for what, here’s a quick guide:

Solid Penis Plugs – These smooth, solid plugs are fantastic for beginners and experienced pluggers alike! If you think the addition of weight or the prevention of orgasm might sound like a fun time, these are an ideal choice for you.

Hollow Penis Plugs – Nearly identical to solid plugs – only with a ‘through-hole’ or ‘thru-hole’ that allows sperm or urine the ability to pass through during wear. This intensifies the stream of either bodily fluid and can even come in a fun ‘sprinkler’ style tip if you so desire. This are a bit more lightweight as well!