Urethral Sounding

Beginner’s Guide To Urethral Sounding


What Is Urethral Sounding?

Urethral sounding might sound a bit crazy to some of you. I know the face I made when I heard about it 15 years ago was one of confusion and curiosity. Yours was probably similar. Or not, depending on how open minded you might be. Let’s start out with a basic explanation of the terms so they don’t seem ‘iffy’ anymore.

The word urethral stems from the area that is going to get the sexy-time attention. It’s called the urethra, and it’s the better known as the tube that lets you pee. The event of urethral sounding was birthed with the invention of a medical process for men to alleviate some symptoms of prostate issues – namely expanding the diameter of the urethra and as an alternative to prostate massage. Sometimes it is used to help stretch the urethra wider to allow for genital piercings. Urethral sounding is also still used as a means of locating obstructions in the urethra. As people were introduced to the practice, it inspired the use of urethral sounds as tools of pleasure rather than tools of medicine.


Why Would I Use Urethral Sounding?

You might be thinking, ‘Why in the world would I stick stuff up my urethra? There’s way more pleasurable places to stick things into!’. Now, now…That last statement is honestly totally subjective and up to each of your personal perspectives, and you wouldn’t believe the orgasms that can result from urethral play until you try it out at least once or twice. Sure, it’s not something you might think of first as a foreplay or finishing move, but once you’ve tried it out – that can change unexpectedly quickly.

            Need more inspiration?

Well, for men, urethral sounding not only adds another layer of ‘stroking’ sensation on that internal level of things (you can gently stroke the outside at the same time), it can also stimulate the prostate (a more delicate method of prostate massage). If you’re looking for stronger sensations, urethral sounding is definitely the way to go. In addition, with the urethral sounding rod in place, your ‘load’ will be slowed down on its rampage toward the finish line – giving you control over the length of your orgasm (goodbye quickshot rocket orgasms – hello extended O’s).

For women, the urethral sound sensation can increase clitoral stimulation (it’s more than just that itty bitty nub you see under your hood!) and can give a far more focused sensation that can improve orgasm length and strength. (It’s even made me squirt before!)

Maybe you’ve noticed that you like a little bit of pain sensation mixed in with your sexual play. Urethral sounding can be (VERY) carefully gauged up (the rods become wider) to perfect the stretching and expansion sensation for either sex. The incredible sensitivity alone can trigger magnificent orgasms, and if you really love pain – you can add in electro-sounds! It should be noted as well, that women will need to be more careful when attempting urethral sounds. The female urethra is smaller in diameter and shorter in length (obviously), and you don’t want to tear yourself or push anything into your bladder. No matter your sex, start out very small and work your way up. Always play safely, sanely, and consensually.


Who Can Use Urethral Sounds?

So long as you have a healthy urethra, you can try urethral sounds for sexual pleasure. There are slightly different methods to use depending on if the user has a penis or not, so you’ll find a breakdown of basic male and female urethral sounding below.

If you are unfortunate enough to already have issues with repeated urinary tract infections (UTIs), prostate problems, or other frequent infections in or around your genital area, this may not be the kink for you. You can always bring the topic up with your personal medical care provider to ensure that you are healthy enough for urethral sounding and other sexual activities if you are unsure. They won’t mind the question, especially when urethral sounding was inspired by the medical community in the first place. While it has fallen out of practice in professional settings (advances in other methods of medical care), urethral sounding still found a home in the bedrooms of kinksters around the world and is still gaining popularity.


How Do I Start Using Urethral Sounds?


Men and Women’s Urethral Sounding Preparation

The urethra in either sex will need to be slowly and gently stretched and trained for maximum pleasure. No matter your sex, you will also want to have a surgical grade lubricant available. Many urethral sound users recommend using sterile surgical silicone based lubricants as they will not be absorbed into the body and will give a better glide in and out of the urethra. Others may prefer the more natural versions of sterile water based lubricants as they do not leave any unwanted chemical residues that might be difficult to clean up. No matter your preference, always opt for sterile single use packets, and always use sterile gloves and sanitized surfaces to prevent contamination of your urethral toys during play. Better safe than sorry! While we want to have a lot of fun, this is one of those kinks that definitely needs appropriate preparation and investment in tools that are high quality. Be sure to add sterile lubricants and gloves to your shopping list as well to help keep the chances of infection as low as possible.

Types of Urethral Sounding Rods

There are multiples types of urethral sounding rods available on the market today. We’ll start out with the best rods for beginners and work up to the ones that are more for experienced urethral play – anything with additional textures won’t be covered here – that’s far more advanced than what this starter guide is for. Also, please note that you should NEVER insert anything into your urethra that isn’t designed to be in your urethra. That means no q-tips, no pens, no anything OTHER than professional, quality, smooth material urethral rods. Now that we have that bit out of the way, let’s dig into the beginner’s sounding rods.

Dittel – these are perfectly straight and smooth rods with a flat bit on one end which acts both as a stopper and a nice handle for easy grip during placement and removal of the sound. Fantastic choice for beginners!

Hegar – these rods have the slightest curve built in through the entire rod, and even though these were originally meant as uterine sounds (dilating the cervix), they have found a place in urethral sounds thanks to their light weight and hollow build which allows for a less heavy sensation while sounding.

Pratt – this design offers a slightly more distinct curve near the tip of the rod, which can assist with urethral prostate massages and create incredibly intense male orgasms. If you already know you love prostate stimulation and play, the beginner can give these a try!

Rosebud – these urethral sounds feature a tiny rounded bulb at the insertion end for very localized pressure play with the rest of the insertion shaft remaining quite a bit thinner in diameter. In addition,some Rosebud addicts love to attach their favorite electronic stimulator to these for incredibly intense orgasms!



Men have the luxury of opting for fewer investments in their surgical quality urethral tools because men can start out with slightly larger urethral rods for their cock sounding (or cock stuffing) sessions. The urethral tube within the penis can handle longer and larger sounding rods because the penis offers all of that extra length. Men can also begin their penis sounding session with a flaccid (limp) penis or with an erect penis. Slight erections are easier to perform for beginner sounding sessions too. This allows things to be sort of waking up and opening the urethral canal, while also giving a bit more firm direction for the canal to guide the rod gently to your perfect pleasure point.

Men will begin by sanitizing their new penis sounding toys and air-drying the rod on a sterilized surface. Be sure to wear sterile gloves while handling the newly sterilized toy to prevent contaminating all that cleanliness during transfer. Now, open the sterile lubricant of your preference and drip the lube onto the urethral rod. Now that you’ve touched something other than the rod, change gloves again before touching the clean sounding rod again. Next, you will want to properly cleanse the tip of their penis with a body-safe disinfectant wipe. There are many popular sterile and body-safe wipes made for this purpose – don’t shy away from researching the type that will suit your needs best! Make sure you focus on the opening of your urethra to ensure you aren’t pushing any dirt or debris into your body. Change gloves again, and add some lubricant to the tip of your penis. Grab a new set of gloves one more time, and then take hold of the sounding rod and gently push the tip just past the opening of the urethra. Stay in this position for a moment or two, allowing yourself to adjust and experience the sensations fully before pushing further. Take this process nice and slow, and listen to your body’s responses to the stimulation. If at any time things become too intense, stop and slowly remove the toy. Try to urinate soon after the toy is removed, to help flush any bacteria or other particles that might have attempted to stray up your urethral tract.


Similarly, women will begin by getting quite aroused (or even grab a nice big ‘O’), to help get you in the mood as well as to relax the urethra itself for easier insertion of your new toy. Be sure to have your sound fully sanitized and ready with gloves and surgical grade lube within easy reach. Be sure to start out with the smallest urethral rod available to help begin stretching the urethral opening and canal more slowly and comfortably. You’ll need to sanitize both the urethral sound as well as the urethral opening. This may take a bit more work, as the vulva is fleshier and has more crevices to clean up (especially after a wet, messy, orgasm). Carefully reglove your hands before taking hold of your cleaned and lubed urethral sound, locate the urethral opening and ever so slowly begin to insert the rod into your urethral canal. You will not be able to insert the rod very deeply (definitely not as far as your male counterparts), because you want to avoid entering your bladder – only catheters and urine belong in there (unless directed by a medical professional). As with your male counterparts, you’ll need to take things slowly and only use the lightest of pressure while guiding the rod inside of you. Once you’re done playing, be sure to urinate soon to flush any pesky irritants out. You’ll sting a bit, because you’ve stimulated some very sensitive tissues, but it should pass quickly.

Safety Precautions

It is important to note that slight burning sensations may occur during or after urethral sounding. Slight burning is normal when your urethra has been in contact with anything other than the normal urine that flows through the tract. If the burning sensation is too intense or does not fade within a few hours or a with a restful sleep – you will need to seek medical attention to ensure that you are not developing an infection as well as to be sure that no damage has been caused. Damage can happen even with using smaller urethral sounds, because if you’ve gone too small, you can easily poke the inner lining of the urethra or even puncture it (that is why we DO NOT use fast insertions, or apply anything more than a feather-light pressure while introducing and using a urethral sound. Also, always invest in stainless or surgical grade steel, especially if you’re a beginner with urethral sounds. Smoothness and appropriate sizing are the way to go for the entry level urethral player. Now, keep it safe, sane, and consensual out there!

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