We-Vibe Touch

The Good:
• Strong Vibrations
• High quality silicone
• Rechargeable
• Waterproof
• Quiet

The Bad:
• Silicone has a drag
• Silicone is a lint magnet
• Magnetic charger is very touchy

Overall Rating:
Intensity Level:   4/5     Noise Level:   1/5


I’ve loved every We-Vibe toy I have ever owned, so when I got thechance to review the We-Vibe Touch, I was ecstatic. I was hoping theTouch would be the silicone version of the Salsa and Tango, and it mostdefinitely loved up to my expectations.

If you want a high quality, rechargeable clitoral vibrator that ispowerful, maneuverable, waterproof, travel friendly, extremely quiet,and made of a high quality silicone, the We-Vibe Touch is a vibrator youwant to consider purchasing. Whether you’re looking for something touse by yourself or with a partner, the We-Vibe Touch has what it takesto please users of all kinds. Please note that the Touch is only to beused for external stimulation. Do not insert the Touch in any way.


The charge time for the Touch is 90 minutes. I highly recommendcharging your toy however long the manufacturer suggests to charge it.After 90 minutes of charging, you get a good 120 minutes of play timewith your toy.

We-Vibe does their charging magnetically. There is a charging basethat will magnetically attaches to the bottom of the toy. Sometimes Ihave a hard time getting a good connection. The charging can be verytouchy but you will know it’s charging when the small light glows anorange color.


The Touch is made of a smooth, non-porous, hypoallergenic, medicalgrade silicone that is free of phthalates and 100% body safe. It’sodorless, tasteless, and there was nothing that led me to believe thatthis toy was not made of any other material than 100% silicone.

Even though the silicone is smooth, there’s a very noticeable drag.You might find that you have to add a little bit of lubricant to get awet and slippery glide going on. Another con about the silicone materialis that it easily collects lint and hair, so make sure you rinse it offbefore every use.


The We-Vibe Touch is a small sized vibrator. It is 4 inches in lengthand just under 2 inches wide. The shape of the Touch is somewhatunique, it’s not the shape of your average clitoral vibrator. The shapeof the Touch reminds me of the shape of a tongue. The tip is slightlytapered and the top portion is more narrow, while the base is moreround. There’s a slight curve to the body of the toy, making it a verycomfortable toy to maneuver/hold in the palm of your hand. It’s also theperfect size vibrator to use during partner play, since it is lesslikely to get the way.


I was really expecting strong vibrations from the Touch and that’s exactly what I got. Even though the vibrations aren’t asstrong as my Salsa or Tango, it’s still a great quality vibration thatis strong, deep, and rumbly. The silicone material slightly muffles thevibrations, which is the only reason that they don’t feel as strong asthe Salsa or Tango. There is hardly any buzz to this toy, which Ipersonally love. Even though the vibrations are strong, you can’t feelthem in your fingers, so it won’t cause any kind of numbing to yourfingers after a long period of time. Also, if you’re someone who appliesa lot of pressure, like I do, you’ll be happy to know that the strengthof the vibrations will not weaken when applying pressure.

On the bottom of the Touch there is a button that powers your toy onand off and scrolls through the different vibration modes. To turn it onyou press the button one time, to change through the modes you keeppressing the button, and when you’re ready to turn it off, hold thebutton down for at least 2 seconds.

The We-Vibe Touch has 8 different vibration modes. The first 4vibration modes are steady vibrations that go from low to high. Theother 4 modes are pattern vibrations. I include a list of vibrationpatterns that can be found on the We-Vibe website.

  1. LOW  3000 rpm VIBE
  2. MEDIUM  3600 rpm VIBE
  3. HIGH  4200 rpm VIBE
  4. ULTRA  4800 rpm VIBE
  5.   TEASE
  6.   WAVE
  7.   PULSE
  8.   CHA CHA

Keeping It Clean:

Being that the Touch is 100% waterproof, it means that you can playwith it the shower, bath, pool, jacuzzi, etc. Best of all, it means thatcleaning it is going to be a simple process. Simple wash your Touchwith a mild soap and warm water or your choice of toy cleaner. Whateveryou do, make sure that you don’t boil or put your toy in the dishwasher.

Keeping It Safe:

The Touch comes included with a white satin, drawstring pouch tostore your toy and charger inside of, so there’s no need to keep the boxunless you prefer to. There is also a pamphlet included that gives youwarranty and charging information. Should you happen to get a defectiveproduct, We-Vibe does offer a 1 year warranty. Be sure to check out the We-Vibe website for information on returning a product.


The Touch comes packaged in a classy looking box, which is also thesame exact box that the Tango and Salsa come in (for those of you whoown one). It may seem a little confusing at first but the best way toopen the box is by opening it from the bottom.