What is a Butt Plug

Curious about what a butt plug is? Whether a partner has asked you to play with a plug, or if you simply took note of a random advertisement, there are a lot of introductions to the world of anal play and butt plugs. No matter the catalyst for your interest in anal play and the world of butt plugs, you’re in the right place to learn everything you need to be sensual and safe!

What does a butt plug look like?


Butt plugs generally follow the same general rule when it comes to the basic shaping of the toy. They start with a narrow tip for easy entry, and gradually become wider until ending in a stem and platform base. The stem and platform help prevent the toy from traveling further than desired, and the last thing anyone wants is to interrupt their playtime with a trip to the local doctor’s office for a pricey toy removal. Some have textures or variances in girth down the length of the shaft for added sensation, others are clear for viewing pleasures, and others still feature accessories that are both sparkling or fuzzy – depending on your favored tastes (ever want to sport a sexy fox tail?).

What are they for?


The general idea is to use these for anal play. However, some may prefer to use these as a preparation tool in order to help get themselves ready for penetration with their partner. Often, this is called training or stretching. This helps get your especially tight anal areas to be more accommodating to both other toys or your partner’s penis and can offer whole new worlds of sensation to your sexual experiences.

Some also like to use butt plugs as part of retention play practices. This involves holding the plug in place over a more extended amount of time. This can occur during sexual play or as part of a favorite fantasy – it’s all up to your own desires. Some may even want to wear the plug while going about daily chores – sort of like those vibrating panties that focus on clitoral stimulation – only for your butt!.So long as you keep your play sessions geared toward safe and sane rules of play – you’ll be set to be the next anal angel!

How do I safely use a butt plug?


That brings us to safe usage and safe anal play in general. The anus and your lower intestinal area are somewhat fragile as well as extraordinarily sensitive and sensual. At least – things are sensitive for the first few inches of the system from the famed and favored exit (turned entrance). After that, the lining is still fragile, but the lining will not give the same sensations when something wrong may be occuring as you would feel in those areas closer to the anus itself. It is important to become familiar with the angles that work best for your body and to let your partner know when they need to be more gentle.(Watch for signs of cramping or bleeding)

It is important to have plenty of lubrication at hand to ensure that you are preventing scratches, making entry easier for any toy or partner, and just helps make things far more fun and safe. Start out with the smallest, smoothest toys you can find, while a variety of sensations are likely to become your favorites later on, you really have to work up to those toys to help prevent ripping or tearing your anus. If at any time, you begin to bleed from your rectum, stop all sexual activity immediately and seek medical attention. To be able to continue having fun, you must maintain your health.

How to pick a butt plug


If you’re new to the world of anal pleasures, start out small and extra smooth (silicone or jelly style plugs are ideal for beginners) and work your way into the things that you want to try later on. There are numerous beginners butt plug kits available on the market that come in a range of itty bitty to average penis girth (there are also ‘graduated’ training sets – for those who are already comfortable with the basic variety) Otherwise, it’s time to pick a material that your butt plug set is made of – in terms of porosity, firmness, smoothness, and ease/ overall possibility of sanitation – there is far more to each toy and toy material than you might think of at first.

While glass anal toys are widely available on the sex toy market and are incredibly smooth as well as pretty, they should be avoided unless you’re ready to make an investment in extremely sturdy/durable glass types. No one wants to have shards of glass anywhere near their anus or other genitals because they went cheap and got too crazy with the action of their toys. This still leaves a huge variety of other materials to pick from.

Body safe sealed and sanitation safe sealed wood toys are another option – and this style can also require special care depending on the specific type of coating. Not all finishes will be able to withstand bleach sanitation, others will need the wax to be reapplied every so often. Take care with wooden toys and inspect them before every use – because just as with glass – no one wants wood splinters in their bum either.

Silicone is a very popular option as well, since it is only micro-porous (means easy to sanitize fully – important to help reduce booty scent) and can also withstand high temperatures without retaining them intensely for a long period of time. Such is the problem with both metal and glass toys (these need additional padding and cooling times during boiling sessions) – better to use a 10% bleach solution dip for these followed by a good, strong rinse and air dry. They are strong, durable, smooth toys that are ideal for anal play.

Be careful when using your favorite lubricants with silicone toys, as silicone and silicone should not be used together – they tend to want to bond and this creates all sorts of gross messes that do not belong anywhere near the inside of the body. It is important to know that your silicone toy is a high quality silicone – as cheaper knock-off materials absolutely cannot withstand the same treatments as real silicone.

Nothing with plays on the word silicone should ever lead you to believe the material is quality silicone – remember that advertising laws are lax and they can infer a lot in their fake names. It’s always best to invest in your sensual, sexy toys – for maximized pleasure in all arenas.

How to clean a butt plug


There are a few ways to clean your favorite butt plug set. Most toys can handle a simple soap and water rinse or wipe down – which is perfect for a quick clean of non-porous toys (hard plastics, silicone, and most others that don’t feel like foam based materials). Some materials can handle a quick dip in a 10% bleach solution before getting a thorough rinse down.

Others yet are better off boiled to help remove unwanted scents and bacterias. This applies to silicone in particular, with wood, glass, and metals also often capable of safely emerging from the boiling water (again, watch for heat retention – and with glass – inspect for any breaks or cracks).

Never scrub your toys with hard bristled brushes – this can lead to scratching or damaging the material – thereby reducing the smoothness and friendliness of your toys in those ever-so-sensitive areas. Totally not the goal, right?

Of course, some may simply like to use a condom on their toys (especially if the toy is a softer, more porous material – this protects from both sides as fewer bacterias will enter the material and the existing bacterias in the porous toy won’t be delivered to the body by the toy). This is a fantastic way to keep things clean – especially if a toy is visiting more than one partner in a play session.

However, again, caution is necessary to help prevent the lubricants or condom materials from affecting your toy material of choice. Protect your investments and protect yourself. Always contact your manufacturer to be 100% sure of what lubricants and cleaning solutions are compatible with your toy material – you will never regret protecting your investment in your butt plugs.


Alright, so know what a butt plug is, what materials they come in, what materials will work best for play AND cleaning, and you may even have an idea of what direction in the anal arena that you want to proceed in. You are now armed with all the introductory information and you’re ready to go buy your toy, a compatible lubricant, and plan your next play session.

Remember to communicate openly with your partner at all times, use safe words to help communicate without killing the mood (and to agree on said safe words BEFORE beginning play), and remember to always respect your partner’s limits – both mentally and physically. Sexual experiences are meant to be arousing, fun situations, so keep it happy and healthy out there!


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